Brother's keeper: I read and enjoyed your story on my brother James Mullins and the way the police from both Arizona and Kentucky conducted themselves. I completely agree with every stitch of it, and it was very interesting the way your writer handled the story.

It could have all gone differently if James hadn't confessed, but he did and it hurt a lot of people. It also held up solving the case; the police could have been working on a reliable lead instead of following up on that horrible story from that crazy brother of mine.

I'm sorry for Georgia Thompson's family to have been put through this. Thank you again for publishing this story. The truth needed to come out.
Cindy Mullins Goad, Lacenter, Kentucky

Mejicano Ofensivo

Bash a Mexican: I usually love your articles in New Times, but one of your columns I find absolutely offensive. I'm a Latina, and I and my co-workers, who are mostly Mexican nationals, think your "°Ask a Mexican!" column can be just plain mean.

You ask the people to write in for help. And in a recent column, a gabacho (gringo) letter-writer asked for help fitting in with his girlfriend's family in Mexico. He seemed to want real assistance. Then, all your writer did was bash him with things that were completely not about what he asked ("Dear Skinny Gabacho in Iowa," September 21).

Your writer needs to try to have some compassion for people who are asking him for real help. Instead of "°Ask a Mexican!," your column should really be called, "Let Me Bash You."
Crystal Castillo, Cottonwood

Group Therapy

Lien machine: Why would you spotlight a brand-new band with only two shows under its belt? And a totally crappy band at that ("Garage A Go-Go," Niki D'Andrea, August 24)!

Have you heard the Love Me Nots' MySpace songs? Seen them play? They are horrible! Nicole cannot sing, or is trying too hard to be someone she is not. The whole thing smacks of effort. The songs are contrived and rudimentary. Michael Johnny Walker is an ass and always has been. Christina Nuñez is okay. She's bland, but an effective mate to Nicole's singing. The only band member worth watching is Jay Lien (who loses cool points for even being in this band).

There are hundreds of great bands in town that have been playing for much longer and truly deserve a five-page article written about them. There is actually real talent out there, not just these wankers trying to be something they clearly are not.
Brian Dees, Phoenix

This letter writer must know the person who wrote the above letter: Holy shit! What a load of crap! What do these fools know about garage? Michael Johnny Walker is a hair-metal fag and always has been. Nicole's other band, Blue Fur, is a horrible funk band. Christina's other band is fun, but nothing worth writing home about.

The only one with any idea about garage music is Jay Lien. Why he would want to associate with these losers is beyond me. He's already in two great bands and doesn't need this crap to bring him down. Run, Jay, run!
Jon Abbott, Mesa

Do these letter writers all hang out together?: I was halfway through the article on the Love Me Nots when I realized that it wasn't a joke. But then I found it funny that both mouthpieces for the band, Michael and Nicole, were so serious about their faux garage band. I also noticed how the other members of the band, Jay and Christina, were scarcely mentioned or quoted.

I happened to glance over the Letters to the Editor section in a later issue, and the letter from the supposed fan from Paris who traveled to Arizona to see this band at the Paper Heart was downright silly ("Rock On," Letters, September 7). First, Nicole does curse, did that night (I was there), and second, who in the world says things like, "Nicole is the Audrey Hepburn of punk rock"?! What a crock! The letter leads me to the conclusion that it was, in fact, written by none other than Michael or Nicole. Come on, an avid fan from another country travels thousands of miles to see a local band and can only rave about two of the four members?

Did these "Parisians" watch Jay Lien play the drums? He is, by far, the most exciting member of that band. And, judging from their outfits, the only member with any clue about style. Thanks for the many laughs!
Meghan Sumritz, via the Internet

McCain Mutiny

I'll be . . . taking issue with your review: I can appreciate that everyone has an opinion and a right to it, no matter how obviously one-sided it might be. However, I do take offense to your representing Edwin McCain fans as swooning women who are living in trailer parks ("For Love of Country," Niki D'Andrea, July 20).

While you find some of his lyrics, as you wrote, "over the top," there is much evidence that there are many, many people who don't. And they don't all live in trailer parks! And the bit about the "bleeding heartland tunes and lover-man lyrics" might be said of just about any male performing artist who has ever dared to pen or sing a love song.

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