Chief Beef

Something About Rock
(Leckie Records)


CD release show scheduled on Friday, October 13
Hollywood Alley in Mesa
If you're jonesing for some new local tuneage that isn't hardcore metal, pouty skinny-boy rock, or indie folk, look no further than Chief Beef. Chief Beef — singer/guitarist John Lipfert, bassist Christine Lipfert (yes, they're husband and wife) and drummer Stewart Alaniz — just might be one of P-town's best-kept secrets, which will no doubt begin to change with the release of the band's debut CD, Something About Rock. The band runs in the Tempe keg-rock scene and has deep ties with many of the best bands here in town — Minibosses (in fact, Minibosses guitarist Aaron Burke played in Chief Beef for nearly a year), Worser, Princess Ladyfriend, The Bodhi Tree, and the recently disbanded Batter the Drag, to name a few. Chief Beef play post-rock imbibed with blues-tinged riffery and off-kilter jamminess. With the fractured sensibility of Shiner and the pop-melodies of vintage Jawbreaker, Chief Beef turn in a solid and innovative performance for a frosh effort. There's lots of variety — opener "Reactions" and the title track rock with a straight ahead urgency, while the more pensive "Quitting" and "Seven" settle into an epic hugeness of itchy-toed grooves and delay-soaked guitars, making this the king of all musical meats.
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