Seedy Release

Lurid Lifestyles of the Broke and Not-So-Famous

Since they're not exactly poster children for sobriety or clean living, Dagger explains, it's only natural they prefer to play at smaller, divey joints like the Cypress Lounge in Phoenix or the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe versus booze-free venues like Modified Arts. "The type of people that come see us wanna get drunk and have a good time," Dagger says. "The idea of drinking bottled water all night is not so hot."

The bassist also says the band's fan base stretches across the globe, as their Web site ( has gotten hits from around the world, and they've shipped copies of their CD to Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East. They've landed a few choice gigs over the past few years, including opening for Mötley Crüe at Cricket Pavilion in 2005 and (surprisingly enough) performing on Channel 3's squeaky-clean Good Morning Arizona earlier this year. These appearances have generated plenty of response, in the form of fan mail and even a few death threats. Stylz claims he and Neil Impossible (the band's lead guitarist) have gotten a few angry e-mails "where guys claim they're gonna hang us by our belts."

In addition to murderous missives, Thomas says they've been getting fan mail from folks in the slammer. "We've got all sorts of weird motherfuckers who think we rule," Thomas says. "Lately, I've found out we're doing really well with a lot of people in jails and prisons who really like us. Brian's buddy went to Tent City for DUI, and says we're huge there. Go figure."

The New Romantics needed a good, hard banging.
Andrew Urban
The New Romantics needed a good, hard banging.


For more information on debut CD and upcoming gigs, visit »web link.

Guess perverted minds think alike.

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