Mesa Muttonhead

The veterinary vulture asks, is it merely hoof-in-mouth disease or the ravings of a racist dumb-ass?

Then there's this pesky "major code violation" thing. While conducting their August review, Gaming officials called the City of Phoenix and asked inspectors to poke around. They fingered more violations than a traffic cop during Friday rush hour, including lack of certificates of occupancy, work done without proper permits, collapsed horse corrals, and electrical and structural violations.

Where's Larry the Cable Guy when you need him? Turf Paradise peeps need to Git-R-Done.

Fortunately, TP was able to open for the season as scheduled on October 6, but the inspections and the permitting process continue. Will government officials put the kibosh on Simms, and not let him, um, use his TP? Can Simms make inspectors an offer they can't refuse? Stay tuned, racing fans, for all the horse hockey you can stand, as the TP turns . . .

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