In a year when Republicans are already on the ropes because of President George W. Bush's unpopularity, I would think this foolish — or racist — man would be a definite liability to his party. The right thing for him would be to resign.

In my mind, his "Operation Wetback" statement, followed by his National Alliance e-mail, constitutes a much worse sin than flirting with congressional pages via e-mails (see Michael Lacey's column this week). If I'm not mistaken, the National Alliance gaffe (if it was that) followed his half-baked apology.

Mr. Pearce is a well-known Mormon, who has been at the forefront of his religion's many agendas. Why hasn't the church spoken out against what he said? Where is the church not only when he makes racist statements about Mexicans, but when he commits a racial slur followed by piggybacking onto a neo-Nazi organization? Why doesn't the church denounce him?
Kim May, Phoenix

Punch line: When (giggle) the defenders (snicker) of the (tee-hee) Mormon Church absolve the absence (har de har) of the Mormon leadership at (haw) a recent gathering (please, stop it!) in Mesa as a neutral force (harrumph) in Russell Pearce's hateful (chuckle) anti-Hispanic statements, I just start laughing (until I cry). My sides are hurting. Please, please, stop!
Mike Durham, Phoenix

American Dreamzzzzz

Stick that in your latte: I was really excited to read about this 13-year-old girl from Tempe doing rap ("Super Star Search," Serene Dominic, October 12). Being a performer myself, I was interested in reading about this to determine whether I felt this girl would end up on drugs and a has-been by age 21. However, I lost interest in the story after the second page.

The writer butchered this story so much that I couldn't understand what he was saying. Is she stuck-up? Is she down-to-earth? What? Is dad pushing her? I was more interested in playing Spider Solitaire than reading the rest of the story. This is a shame considering I was really interested.

I do really like your mag. I love reading the colorful stories about the clubs and catching interesting things to do. Just keep in mind that you are read when people want to relax at coffee shops. I hope to catch better cover stories in the future.
Name withheld by request

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