Hey Diddle Diddle

Abortion doctor Brian Finkel will remain in prison for at least 20 more years, after a recent appellate court loss

And as for remorse, the appellate judge wrote, "Finkel stated that he felt remorse for the victims because he did not understand their feelings and needs, and because they had been traumatized by the trial. The trial court was not persuaded by his statements. It believed that Finkel thought that the prosecution had been politically motivated because he had performed abortions, that Finkel thought it was he who had been victimized and that he was not remorseful. We will defer to the court in the better position to assess whether a defendant is truly remorseful."

Dr. Brian Finkel, long before his conviction.
Doug Hoeschler
Dr. Brian Finkel, long before his conviction.

Next stop: the Arizona Supreme Court, if it agrees to hear Finkel's case.

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