Murder City

P-town's scratch-master sharpens his talons over Mayor Goober's crime stats, markers for dead cops and Jarrett Maupin's anti-N-word campaign

"If it's not okay for Michael Richards to use that word, it's not okay for anybody to use that word," asserted Maupin. "It's time for us to say that word's not good for anyone to use when describing our people. And we won't allow ourselves to use it."

Maupin was quick to maintain, "We don't want to censor anybody," but then went on to describe demands on artists and comedians that sound a lot like censorship to this saucy songbird. Maupin also said he hadn't dismissed the idea of approaching local comedy clubs on the issue.

Dan Mer, owner of the Tempe Improv, disagrees with banning the word outright. He said what Michael Richards did was "beyond the pale," but that an N-word ban would not work.

"Every joke is at someone's expense, whether it's a bald man, a fat person, a gay person, or whatever ethnicity," stated Mer. "You're going to get to a point where if you offend anyone, you're banned from a room."

Now, this dirty duck's not suggesting people drop N-bombs in polite company. But comedians, MCs and artists are supposed to flip the bird at society's taboos. Do you really want to live in some PC police state where they can't?

The Bird admires Maupin, and hopes to vote for him for mayor someday (maybe even versus Goober Gordon), but on this issue, he's more wrong than white leather shoes at a Baptist funeral.

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