The Applicators

Apply directly to the forehead

The Applicators keep it real.
The Applicators keep it real.


scheduled to perform on Wednesday, January 17
Stray Cat Bar & Grill in Tempe

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Who invited you? The Donnas may not think you're cool enough to get into their pajama party, but the five females in Austin-based band The Applicators will not only let you into their pop-punk bash, they'll probably shove a beer bong down your throat to boot. With songs that sound like The Runaways beating the hell out of The Go-Go's, and live shows brimming with sassy sexual tension, The Applicators impressed Bad Religion/Circle Jerks guitarist Greg Hetson so much that he produced their debut album, 2001's What's Your Excuse.On its third and latest album, My Weapon(King Fing'r), the band continues its sexy-with-a-sneer songcrafting on tunes like the trash-punky "Bad Infection" and the harmony-heavy pop lob "I Need You." And while The Applicators don't have the "girls next door" looks The Donnas possess (unless you happen to live next door to a studded belt shop), there's something about them that feels (gasp) genuine — even if they take on silly stage names like "Ericator," "Kristina Applicate," and "Appli-Katy." At least they're not all named "Donna."

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