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The Bird asks Pinal County: Want to get somebody deserving indicted? Try Joe Arpaio underling David Hendershott, for destroying evidence

Yet, just because a public official despises the press they're getting doesn't mean they have the right to violate the First Amendment, denying info to reporters they don't like. Lotstein's actions mirror the activities of Candy confederate Arpaio, whose office routinely tramples the First Amendment rights of this paper and its readers because New Times has the gall to run hard-hitting, critical articles about the MCSO. In the Saban case, for example, Arpaio lieutenants MacPherson and Hendershott made sure Channel 15's Koebel received their Saban report tout de suite. New Times had to wait 144 days and file a lawsuit to obtain the report after being lied to concerning its whereabouts. (The MCSO told us they'd forwarded it to Pima County, when in fact, they'd faxed it to Pima and were in possession of the report.)

Arpaio's office scoffs at public records laws by refusing New Times' records requests, and it denies New Times reporters access to the Sheriff's press conferences. Furthermore, Arpaio's flacks won't take (much less return) New Times' calls. This, despite the MCSO Web site's misleading statement that it has "a very open policy when it comes to the media."

Closer to the truth is Arpaio's assertion in his Saban depo: "I have no rules. I have nothing down in black and white that I know of that's going to force me to make a decision based on any rule (or) regulation." Arpaio's a law unto himself in Maricopa County, with nothing but a free press standing in his way. No wonder he wants to see the New Times indicted. With a free press muzzled, Arpaio and his front-office stooges will be able to defy the law with impunity. Oh, wait a minute, whether New Times is indicted or not, they're already doing that.

Denier's Conference

Hold onto your binoculars, bird lovers. This so-called "9/11 Accountability Conference" to be held February 23-25 at Chandler's Crown Plaza San Marcos is being organized by — get this — a gen-u-wine Holocaust denier.

You heard this cuckoo correctly. The crackpot parade descending on Chandler to discuss why the attacks on 9/11 were an inside job by George W. Bush & Co. are to be led by Eric D. Williams, author of the self-published tome The Puzzle of Auschwitz, which claims there were no gas chambers at the infamous Nazi concentration camp, that Jews were not systematically murdered there, and that, furthermore, Hitler's Final Solution's a prevarication propagated by an international Zionist conspiracy.

Wow! This cockamamie cock-of-the-rock thinks the wacky 9/11 "truth" crowd has finally jumped the proverbial shark!

The Bird was tipped off to Williams' involvement in the conference by blogger Pat Curley of, a site devoted to debunking the outrageous lies of the 9/11 "truthers," who're better referred to as "9/11 deniers." Williams' book can be downloaded from online publisher for $4.98, and boy, is it a humdinger. The Ohio-based Williams, who has no degree in history and does not speak German, contemptuously dismisses the mountains of photographic and documentary evidence of the Final Solution and the killings at Auschwitz, a place he refers to as a "reconstructed theme park."

(Please note: Since conversing with this cantankerous condor, Williams has posted a free PDF of his book on his site,, along with a "disclaimer" stating he's not a Holocaust denier, despite evidence in his text to the contrary.)

Williams supports his Shoah-shirking claims by attacking and twisting accounts of survivors and legitimate historians, and by citing such discredited sources as the Institute for Historical Review and Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., a hero to neo-Nazis worldwide. Leuchter's shoddily produced "Leuchter Report" rejecting the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz is thoroughly trashed in Errol Morris' acclaimed documentary Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. Interestingly, when this tweeter caught up with Williams via phone, he said he was unaware of both the well-known Morris doc and subsequent scientific tests refuting Leuchter's findings about the use of the poison Zyklon-B at the camp. He also seemed strangely confused when confronted with the fact that he was essentially parroting what many neo-Nazis hold to be self-evident.

"I'd think the neo-Nazis would want more people to be killed in the Holocaust than for people to say those people weren't killed in the Holocaust," chirped Williams.

Is Williams some sort of revisionist retard? He must've missed ex-Klan leader and white supremacist David Duke's appearance at the recent Holocaust-denier's conference in Tehran, organized by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who's referred to the Holocaust as a "myth." There, Duke was reported as saying, "The Holocaust is the device used as the pillar of Zionist imperialism, Zionist aggression, Zionist terror and Zionist murder."

Williams expresses similar sentiments in his Auschwitz book's penultimate chapter, titled "The Zionist Agenda," wherein he states that the Israeli state came about through "the exaggeration (of) the suffering of the Jews during WWII." He further insists there's a plot to "enslave the peoples of the planet" by "Neo-Conservatives, the Catholic Church, various secret societies including the Free Masons, and the Zionists."

Pardon this parakeet, but is there a freakin' head-shrinker in the house?!

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