CRI was totally self-supportive through donors, grants, and patents. The Institute cost ASU nothing, brought ASU millions of dollars from Dr. Pettit's and his colleague's patents, and created a very favorable national and international reputation for the university.
Name withheld by request

The Hex Files

All in the family: Great story on the Cards ("The Curse," Robert Nelson, January 11)! The background/history on the team and its ties to Phoenix was right on. For 20 years, I've been wondering what each crummy season had in common. Seems like everything has changed at one time or another: front office, coaching, players. The one thing that hasn't changed are the cranky, eccentric, greedy owners.

Forget the Curse of Pottsville; the swearing should be directed at the Bidwills.
Tim Lank, via the Internet

All right, already, they suck!: In your article regarding the Arizona Cardinals, I kept seeing the word "curse." There is no such thing. The Cardinals are not cursed. They just suck.

Saying that the team has been cursed for the last several decades is actually giving an excuse as to why the team has not done well. In baseball, the Red Sox proved there is no curse in sports. Say it for what it really is: The Cardinals just flat out suck. The management sucks. The players suck. And once the Dallas Cowboys build their new stadium, then the Cardinals' new stadium will also suck.

Quit calling it a curse. There has never been any evidence pointing to any kind of curse, and simply mentioning some bad luck does not give a valid reason to say that the team is cursed. They suck!
Chriss Stott, via the Internet

We hope we're right, too: I'm a sports junkie and long-suffering Cardinals fan. My radio is usually dialed to sports talk, and I regularly devour all the local newspaper sports reports. We have a New Times rack in front of our store, and the Cardinal cover this week immediately caught my eye. I have to say that I'm surprised (although I shouldn't be, given your meticulous reporting) that New Times had the best analysis of the Cardinal situation that I've seen here in town.

I just hope you're right and the Cardinals can manage to win now despite the Bidwills' mismanagement.
Mike Banks, Samurai Comics, Phoenix

The fault, dear Bill, is not in your stars: Your recent article on the Cardinals was right on. I was a season ticketholder in St. Louis from day one until they went to Arizona. It was always about Bill Bidwill. He cared nothing for the game, the fans or the city. He was in only his own ego and his pocketbook. It's not a curse, it's a personality defect.
Mike Harcourt, Des Moines, Iowa

Well, they are possessed . . .: I was a long-suffering fan of the Cardinals in St. Louis, and I have to say that your story is the most comprehensive article I've ever read on the team and its sorry history.

I had never heard of the Pottsville Curse, but that would explain it. Ha! Because it's always been unbelievable how bad the team has always been. You had to think it was something supernatural.

But, seriously, your analysis of the Bidwill family was dead on. I never really knew the extent of their cheapness and incompetence, but now I do. It's almost a shame that they will wind up getting even more super-rich because of the new stadium in Arizona. They sure don't deserve it.

Thanks for finally setting the record straight.
Dale McClosky, St. Louis, Missouri

Don't Drink & Interview

As long as we cleared up that "Top Ramen" quote . . .: Thank you to music editor Niki D'Andrea for actually going out to concerts, and doing write-ups on 'em! For the most part, I enjoyed her recent column ("Hick Hop," Niki at Nite, December 21) about our business, Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment! But there are a few things I wanted to clear up!

I thought I was talking to D'Andrea that night on more of a one-on-one type situation. First and foremost, I hate Top Ramen and ravioli out of the can. I always have, so I don't know where that came from! Second, there wasn't any line-dancing at our concert. We do not condone "line dancing" at any of our events! Apparently, I made an offbeat comment about a Marquee security guard. I was drinking, and, uh, I should not have made the comment, but, oh well, the Top Ramen comment bothers me more.

All in all, I hope people can "read between the lines" and see what Ryan [Tackett] and I are truly about, and that is roots music, the best roots music you will ever find. We are the only boys in town bringing traditional roots music to the Valley; no hippie jam bands, no rockabilly, no "Clapton" blues, no bullshit!

Yes, we are willing to slit our own throats to provide Phoenix with good musical entertainment, and we have done just that. Finally, I'd like to shout out to the Dirty Foot Family, "We love you," and most important, thank you to my partner Ryan; without him, HBE would have turned stupid a loooong time ago. He is the one to be thanked for Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment; he is the brains, I'm the promoter!

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