But Andy Thomas? Didn't this pea-brain go to Harvard? Isn't he supposed to be a religious man, a moral man? How can he sleep at night after what he tried to do to that boy? Thank God the kid's parents had $250,000 to pay lawyers and experts to find him innocent. If they hadn't, an innocent boy would be in Florence for the rest of his life. Thomas' office even fought their attorney's attempts to try to look at the computer's hard drive. You know why? Because they knew their case would be null and void when it was found that somebody had planted the pictures on the computer.

Andy, what ever happened to justice? Have you no shame? Do you really think you are on the side of the Almighty when you try to railroad a young boy? Try to ruin his tender young life for your own political gain? I'm praying that God will help you to be a better man. You certainly are a sorry excuse for a Christian.
Jeff Thompson, Phoenix

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I have lived in Phoenix for just over 13 yrs. now, and I am getting more pissed with every article/story that is written about the joke of a sheriff Schmoe Arpaio. What is it going take to get him voted out of office, even better, INVESTIGATED ?? A death in his jails, NO, we have had that numerous times. His refusal to turn over public documents, NO, he continues to do that.. WHAT WILL IT TAKE MARICOPA COUNTY ???? When will you, the voters, take a serious look at the atrocities he has brought to the office in which he was elected, and make the necessary changes that will, NO should be made !!! Fortunately, I have never been on the business end of a Sheriff Joe investigation, but god willing, he will be on the business end of one soon !!!

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