Letters From the Issue of Thursday, February 15, 2007

Undue Process

That's the ticket!: I was ticked off when I read your photo-radar story ("Gotcha!," Ray Stern, February 8). That corporations can get out of the tickets is outrageous enough, but that city governments — in towns that employ photo radar to nail drivers, no less — don't pay their tickets from other jurisdictions really got my goat.

The whole camera-ticket thing needs to be overhauled, and probably scrapped. I understand that deaths are down on the 101 in Scottsdale where the cameras were located, and are about to be located again, but there has to be some fairness put into the system.

Why not change the law and hold companies responsible for any photo-radar violation in one of their company's cars? Same with public entities. The fact that they will chase down you or me and let these public lawbreakers go scot-free shouldn't be tolerated.

Oh, thanks for the "how to get out of a ticket" chart, but my feeling is, once you get one of the damned things (unless, of course, you're exempted like city governments), you will be hunted down by the process servers until you have to pay or lose your license. Who has time to avoid a process server for weeks?!
Dennis Stewart, via the Internet

Web of Lies

Get-well-off-quick scheme: What you wrote in "The Real Rip-off Report" (Sarah Fenske, February 1) about Ed Magedson is truly amazing! Only in America could a guy get rich (or at least well-off) by posting scurrilous lies and then extorting people for money for his editor's notes saying that those lies aren't true.

What I didn't know and what is truly unbelievable is that Internet sites can put up any kind of bullshit and not be held liable. This is law that needs desperately to be changed, as your story points out. How can this be that Web masters are allowed to just mess with people's lives and businesses by allowing enemies carte blanche to say whatever they please and get away with it?

I truly hope this guy, Magedson, is sued into oblivion and even criminally charged someday. I loved the way your writer opened the story, because it showed Magedson for what he is: a weasel.
Al Bradley, Los Angeles

New world disorder: A friend of mine pointed out your story "The Real Rip-off Report" to me; amazed that this guy could get away with what he's doing. But I have long known that the Internet can print any kind of crap and not be held accountable. It's wrong, but it's one of the realities we have to live with in our 21st-century world.

That laws need to be changed is obvious. But until they are, we must run scared of guys like Ed Magedson, unscrupulous assholes who think they're doing noble work by doing as they please. Madedson's tortured logic, as reflected in your story, is funny — unless, of course, you are one of his victims.
Tom Dillon, Evanston, Illinois

The lying king: I was a victim of a vicious smear campaign on Ed Magedson's site, and I can tell you there's absolutely nothing I could do about it. Complaining to Ed did no good. The guy has the crazy belief that he's upholding freedom of the press by publishing even what he knows are blatant lies. As your story said, he cannot be moved.

My business was pretty much ruined by what was said about me by somebody with whom I had been romantically involved. Now there's an unbiased source!

Anyway, thanks for writing this story. Maybe it will bring light to what's become a huge problem in our world: libel on the Internet. Maybe some lawmakers will read this and propose some changes. I hope so, before more lives are ruined.
Name withheld by request

Prosecute the Prosecutors

Porn-again Christian: The story about Matt Bandy and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' office really made me mad ("Doubting Thomas," Sarah Fenske, January 25).

I notice that Thomas' office had little to say in explanation of why they were so harsh with a teenage boy about alleged child porn that was on his computer through no fault of his. Aren't minors supposed to be treated more leniently than adults? And that's if they really did what they're accused of, and Matt Bandy didn't.

I find it hard to believe that a so-called God-fearing man like Thomas would be so callous. I wish his office had been more forthcoming, because I'm left to believe that he and his prosecutors should be punished somehow for what they did. As described in New Times, their deeds are unforgivable.
Maria Lozano, Phoenix

Truth ache: Thank you for the story about Matt Bandy. Thank you for being the only newspaper in Phoenix that actually prints the truth. I can always count on New Times to tell the truth about the many flaws in the Arizona judicial system.

Hopefully, the article on Matt will help my son, who's facing the very same nightmare from the County Attorney's Office.
D.W. Miller, Chandler

Non-Denial Denial

Shouldn't that be "libel," or are we just being paranoid?: Stephen Lemons, in an attempt to slander the rapidly growing 9/11 truth movement, accuses 9/11 Accountability Conference organizer Eric Williams of Holocaust denial ("Denier's Conference," The Bird, February 1; also see Lemons' blog, Feathered Bastard).

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