Whatever Williams' views — and I doubt Lemons has portrayed them accurately, given the ongoing flood of slander all 9/11 activists endure — the overwhelming majority of 9/11 truth advocates are not deniers or revisionists of any of the dozens of holocausts and genocides that have plagued our planet during the past few centuries of European imperial conquests. On the contrary, we are peace activists working to stop the ongoing Iraqi holocaust (nearly two million civilians murdered by your tax dollars in less than two decades) and prevent the current wars of aggression from incinerating our planet.

Please visit the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth Web site (http://mujca.com) and help end the murderous Islamophobia and anti-Semitism that have been provoked (intentionally, it seems) by the 9/11 inside job. And please visit the upcoming 9/11 Accountability Conference in Chandler and see for yourself what kind of people are risking their reputations and perhaps their lives by demanding truth and accountability.
Kevin Barrett, Madison, Wisconsin

Irregular Joe

Birds of a feather break laws together: Thanks for the recent piece about Joe Arpaio's number two needing to be prosecuted for withholding evidence ("How Convenient," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, February 1). I won't hold my breath until the cowardly county attorneys' offices around here do that (they'd rather kiss old Joe's butt and go after New Times), but your point is well-taken.

Chief Deputy David Hendershott may be even more evil than Arpaio. In many ways, it reminds me of the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney relationship. Keep going at them, because — as somebody inside the sheriff's office — I can tell you it really pisses them off.
Name withheld by request

We'd go back where we came from, but we forget how: I find it humorous that, year after year, more snowbirds forget their way home and get lost in the Valley. Then, to make things worse, they won't stop squawking about how things are done back home in whatever Godforsaken place they are from. Guess what? If shit worked right there, they would be there and not crapping on our minds' windshields.

Let's look at the loudest squawker of them all, the king birdbrain, Stephen Lemons. Since he is a transplant to our state, he doesn't know how much better we are with Sheriff Joe. He has no idea about the days of innocent people being pulled out of their cars and restaurants by his predecessors and their officers.

Another thing Lemons should understand is, this is the West, and that's how we do it. We carry guns and treat criminals like criminals. There are gangs in every prison in the country. It cannot be stopped. Mr. Lemons likes to act as if Tent City is the only place with them ("Sheriff Gangbanger," The Bird, January 18). He also appears to think that the inmates there are treated unfairly. Well, maybe they are treated like criminals for a reason. That's what they are! I remember what this Valley was like 20 years ago, and some things were better, but not law enforcement. I remember when English was the primary language here, when kids could play outside with their friends, when schools were safe.

This was before the liberals destroyed the Valley with their, "Oh, we have to be nice to them" philosophy. When illegals were sent packing and America was for Americans. I am proud to be a native Arizonan, but how that definition has changed wasn't clear to me until at work I had to ask for a translator for a Spanish-speaking Mexican who asked me a question. See, I was born and raised in the United States and do not speak a foreign language. Last I checked, this is a state in America, not Mexico.

You want something to throw a fit about, then throw one about the fact that illegals have taken over this state, and if we say anything bad about it, we are racists. Quit taking the easy targets and start reliving the days of this paper being an underground mag that went after the real feelings of the people.
William Peltier, via the Internet

Working Out the Kinks

Are pasties provided?: I'm glad to see coverage in New Times of my absolute favorite way to work out — pole dancing ("How to . . . 2007," Resolution Guide, January 18). There are actually quite a few places in town now offering classes, and even pole-dancing parties for ladies who want to try it out at home with their friends.

I went to a single class a couple of years ago and was instantly hooked. Every woman should try pole dancing. Thank you for helping other women out there find out how great pole dancing can make you feel.
Emily Kuehn, Glendale

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