Arrested Development

Heard about the 29-year-old sex offender who posed as a seventh-grader? Here's how the sordid case was broken

Huante left the room and spoke with a detective who had spoken with Nellis earlier. The other detective said Nellis had told her a different story.

Nellis then said he had lied to the first detective.

At that point, the detectives told Nellis he was under arrest for failing to register as a sex offender.

Fred Harper
Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh presents a "Certificate of Appreciation" to Julie Bradshaw, left, and two others at the Mingus Springs school for helping unravel the Rodreick case.
AP/Wide World Photos
Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh presents a "Certificate of Appreciation" to Julie Bradshaw, left, and two others at the Mingus Springs school for helping unravel the Rodreick case.

That news seemed to break Nellis' will to keep up the lie.

Huante told Nellis he was sick of the games. "You must think I'm stupid if you expect me to believe your story."

Huante said this moments after Casey had walked out to talk to Boan about feeling uncomfortable in the trailer.

Nellis broke: "Okay, if you want the truth, here it is:

"That young man that just walked out the door ain't 12 years old. He's 29. He was born November 22, 1977. His name is Neil Haven Rodreick."

Nellis explained that he knew all this because the two were in prison together at the Jess Dunn Correctional Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Rodreick was his best friend, like a brother to him, he said.

And when Nellis came to visit his best buddy in El Mirage, Arizona, he was told by Rodreick that he had changed his name and his date of birth.

And Nellis was told he was no longer just a friend. He was now Casey Price's cousin and guardian.

Diskin marched outside to the unmarked CPS car and told Casey, really Neil Rodreick, to get out of the back seat. He had a few questions.

Diskin wrote in his report that Rodreick acted like "a scared child."

Rodreick was wearing glasses and a baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes. It was now past 9 p.m. and dark outside the trailer.

"You look like Neil," Diskin said.

Rodreick seemed surprised by the comment, Diskin wrote. Still, he said nothing and continued to look at the ground.

We know who you are, Diskin said. We're going to get your photo from the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma.

Diskin read Rodreick his Miranda rights. He asked Rodreick if he understood. Rodreick mumbled incoherently.

Diskin asked several times. Rodreick finally nodded his head.

Diskin said he knew that Rodreick had forged all of the custody papers. He told Neil that he needed to admit who he was now. If he allowed CPS caseworkers to take him, he would face additional charges, Diskin told him.

Diskin then shined his flashlight on Rodreick's face. He realized in the light that Rodreick was wearing a heavy coat of makeup to cover his true age. On closer inspection, Diskin saw stubble beneath the makeup.

"Twelve-year-olds don't usually have a mustache," he said.

Rodreick remained silent.

It's time to come clean, Diskin said. He asked Rodreick why he was attending school.

"I wanted to go to school," Rodreick said quietly.

Are you Neil?

Rodreick mumbled, "No."

Who are you?

"I'm Casey."

Rodreick's answers began to agitate Detective Diskin.

"Stop the act!" Diskin said. Diskin and Huante peppered Rodreick with questions. Diskin asked Rodreick what he'd been convicted of.

Finally, the façade began to fall.

"Indecent proposal," he answered, after a long pause.

Rodreick began to cry. Through tears, he began answering the officers' questions.

He was 29 years old. He was Neil Havens Rodreick II.

Diskin and Huante told Rodreick they knew he was having sex with Snow and Stiffler.

Rodreick described it differently, saying he just "played around" with them.

By that point, Diskin and Huante weren't surprised by what they heard next. They were already beginning to suspect that Rodreick and Nellis, the former cellmates, were confidants in some sort of scam of which Stiffler and Snow were not aware.

Rodreick said that both Stiffler and Snow still believed he was actually 12-year-old Casey Price.

As Rodreick told his story, caseworkers from Child Protective Services arrived at the trailer. Diskin approached their vehicle and explained their services would no longer be needed.

Detective Diskin walked back inside the trailer to deliver the news to Stiffler. Apparently, Nellis, who was sitting with Stiffler, had just told him that 12-year-old Casey was actually 29-year-old Neil Rodreick.

Diskin said Stiffler appeared to be "very agitated."

"I just found out information I didn't know about," Stiffler told the detective.

Diskin asked Nellis whose idea it was for Casey to go to school.

"I believe it was Casey's," Nellis said, still using the fictitious name.

Stiffler interrupted.

"It was my idea for Casey to get back in school," Stiffler said. "It was not ordered by me, it was ordered by the U.S. Marshal."

"You still believe there is a U.S. Marshal?" Diskin asked with disdain. "Are you kidding me?"

"Sir, I'm just telling you what I was told," the old man said.

"Stiffler," Diskin wrote in his report, "did not appear to fully understand that he had been scammed."

Stiffler started yelling.

"I just found out he was 29! I didn't know his correct age!"

The implications of Stiffler's rage finally registered with Diskin.

Diskin asked Stiffler if he would normally look for a 29-year-old boyfriend.

"No, not really," Stiffler said.

Diskin asserted that Stiffler wouldn't have had sex with Rodreick if he had known Rodreick's true age.

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sembour, well youv'e been dealt with, you sound like a complete idiot and probably a sexual offender yourself, too bad i don't know where you are to drop a dime on you. this is such a sad, pathetic story of how sexual perversion has absolutely corrupted people's lives. but i don't feel sorry for any of them. They should be behind bars or under surveillance for the rest of their lives. These men thought they had a 12 year old boy and what they would do if they did,i can't even imagine a night in that household, why do we even waste tax dollars giving these creeps a trial!


I would say an individual who are quick to judge needs to watch themselves. In addition, I agree with Toni and the comments made for many of you show ignorance. Now I am not calling you stupid, but that you have a lack of knowledge. What if you knew this person when he was a little boy or a teen - Then you would learn there were signs a long the way. For some reason the adults did not pick-up on it or at least never thought it would lead to such� I find it difficult to read the stories about these four men, especially Neil. Like Toni, I knew Neil at a younger age. I would explain things to you, but I can see that most seem to be closed minded. Therefore, just know this try to walk a mile in trying to understand why people get this bad. Most often, you will find out it started with a mental disorder at birth, then abuse, and ultimately the person acting out. Now do not run off and act as if I am sticking up for someone harming another, NEVER. They should all be punished for their crimes. What I am saying people do not get in this place over night.

~ Concern about the comments ~ PS. Do a self check and then go ahead and cast the first stone


i have a few things to say. first of all i am the mother of one of the children in oklahoma that mr. rodreick befriended. thankfully not the child that he did anything too. but it's a very sad scarry situation. to the person that said it was my friend have a very sick sence of humor. to the person that said it was fiction....i'm afraid not. to the person who asked about his height and weight. he was around 110lb soaking wet and was around 5'3". his voice sounded like he may have just hit puberty. when he lived here he said he was 13, i thought perhaps he was 15.

mary roberts
mary roberts

I am proud that the school took a closer look at this boy. Also terrified that it could happen in any school in the world. But if a child does not look his age, someone should always look into it. Every where children are: from school,after school programs,ballet, karate, and sports should make sure these kids are safe from these type of people.


The whole homosexual lifestyle is denegrading and in the end leads to perversions beyond our wildest imaginations. Just think of the lifestyle where the average homosexual has hundreds of partners during a lifetime. What we saw here was just a drop in the bucket. When people refuse to acknowledge God, he abandons them to their evil minds and lets them do things which should never be done.

Emma White
Emma White

I would like to thank the author for pointing out that this school was the first of four who actually took the time to look at this �kid� and his enrollment documents. It gives me chills to think of the number of children desecrated by these convicted sex offenders before they were caught. It is our responsibility, as adults, to protect and care for all children in our community. Unfortunately, most Americans are too busy focusing on themselves to realize, or care, about the horrible things happening around them everyday.


The situation is shocking-- but almost as troublesome is how incredibly poorly written this article is.

Egads-- are there No editors on staff?

I cant believe the "author" actually collects a paycheck for putting forth this incoherent mishmosh


Sick and perverted. Life in prison should be the minimum. The motive to enroll the 29 year old in school was clearly the group's scam to recuit more kids. I do not believe the other two thought for a momemt they were having sex with a 12 year old.


Did anyone mention the weight and height of this man? How can it be mistaken and what about his voice? He looks old to me.

Gary Morley
Gary Morley

This has to be fiction, taken perhaps from an obscure Erskine Caldwell story. I'm pretty sure Mr. Stiffler comes from that ambience. The rest of them come from Hell.


I think that story is hilarious. Sure it is sad the depravity of these people, but the way that they fooled everyone all for sexual thrill is funny in some way.

Herbert Erdmenger
Herbert Erdmenger

I hope the 4 of them are locked up for life. If it depended on me...I would feed those 4 creeps rat poison


That's homosexuality for you.


Is L. Sembour crazy? "...these 4 poor fellows who do not harm much of anyone..."

Why was the 29 year old going to school? To get boys! (to HARM boys) When child pornography is purchased/downloaded, (which was evident from the story that these four losers had significant amounts of child porn in their possession) it creates a demand for more child porn which HARMS CHILDREN. Compassion? Compassion? Compassion is volunteering at the Humane Society, compassion is building a Habitat for Humanity home, compassion is volunteering to coach a Little Leage team when you don't have a kid playing, compassion is taking blankets and coats to the homeless shelter, or volunteering at the soup kitchen. Compassion is not turning 4 sexual predators loose on our children. And who is going to "watch" these characters 24-7 as suggested by L. Sembour? The kiddie porn police? Where is their office and who pays their salary? The tooth fairy? Our law enforcement has bigger fish to fry than playing babysitter to a bunch of sexual predators. I say throw them in jail and let them receive what they have been handing out to innocent children.


Excellent article - really opens your eyes to the web of lies told by career criminals and the great work by our law enforcement personnel to uncover the truth. Pathetic individuals, these 4 are.

L.SEMBOUR - you're an idiot! So what if you're a FoxNews regular or conservative Republican? What does that have to do with the fact that the mainstream of America would never agree with your crackpot ideas?

Sarah Bennett
Sarah Bennett

paranoia?!? There are thousands of children that are abused every day, and you want to call the cops going after them paranoia?? There are many other crimes in this nation we should be after with just as much force, I agree, however to save the life and to protect one child is worth what ever it takes. These four clowns (and the idiot lawyer thats defending Roderick) should be in prison. People that harm or plot to harm children do not belong in our society, They belong behind lock and key! Those that posess pornographic material that involves children are only perpetuating the problem and should also be punished accordingly. The very thought that someone could pull this off in the first place is chilling, and then there's the fact that the old man, who thougth he was having relations with a minor, was let go. Wasnt it his intent to harm a child through a lewd act? What about the next child he has contact with?


This very good article of yours should trigger questions about the very dangerous escalation of pedophile witch hunt now going-on in USA. Witness these 4 poor fellows who do not harm much of anyone treated like heavy duty drug dealers, with ridiculously high prison terms being evoked, such as life. Pure common sense and compassion is deserting this country. They should just dictate the normal response of society in this case: retrieving the false kid from the school, of course, putting at least 3 of the men in custody for a VERY SHORT while for failing to register as sex offenders, register them, and leave them alone, keeping an eye on them. This will be infinitely more profitable for the society. All this high criminal nonsense is pure bullshit. I am saying it because I know extremely well the human REAL sexual behaviors. I am a FOXNEWS faithful viewer and I vote Bush. However I absolutely do not share this pedophile parano�that is pervasive everywhere in USA and becomes a must to anyone who does not want to be labelled a krypto-pedophile himself, especially among my fellow republicans.


I have to agree with some of the comments from others. This IS very great reporting. It is nice to actually hear the entire story, (even though at times a little confusing to keep up with it) and I don't believe at all that "Casey Price" was a victim as August states. I believe he knew what he was doing. After all he had scammed Stiffler and Snow into believing he was 12. He obviously carried the same act into the schools in order to lure young innocent boys for his own sexual pleasure. How disgusting! He does have a mental disorder (anyone who does what he has done must have a mental disorder), but he is NOT the VICTIM!! He knew exactly what he was doing, and thought he was going to get away with it. Thanks to all those who dug through this to get down to the truth. Now maybe justice can be brought to him.

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