Kook Congress

The brazen buzzard outs anti-Semites at the Chandler 9/11 conference, and sheds a tear for the Tribune's Slim Shady and a few more for the near-deceased Chez Nous

On February 13, Smith announced in his column that he'll plead guilty on Monday and be taken into immediate custody for his prison sentence. The Trib's suspending him for six months, at which point his bosses will decide whether to keep him. Jeez, what does this cornpone Dave Barry have to do to get fired? Kill somebody? Come to think of it, that would give Smith something to write about.

Adieu, Chez Nous

And yet another piece of authentic PHX cool makes way for a frickin' supermarket. That's the story behind the demise of one of the feathered fiend's favorite watering holes — Chez Nous, a smoky oasis of urbanity and Jackie Brown-style chic in a megalopolis way too full of chain eateries and prepackaged "atmosphere."

Fred Harper

Owner Amina Uben has fought the good fight, buying the bar in 2001 with Osco breathing down her neck, hot to turn Chez Nous' lot into one more drugstore. Somehow, Chez Nous survived, even as the ownership of the property where it sits (on the southeast corner of Indian School and Seventh Avenue) changed hands in 2006, the rent doubling with it.

Now market forces, with the help of current proprietor Red Mountain Retail Group and prospective owner Tesco, the British grocery giant, are ready to gobble up the little saloon that could, with its ink-dark interior, vintage wallpaper, and 40-plus years of memories.

Uben tells this tweeter that the last blowout will be Monday, February 26. And she's still hopeful she'll be able to relocate the chill spot to more hospitable environs. First Stacy Phipps' soul-food restaurant (on East Jefferson near downtown) and now Chez Nous! Is there nothing sacred in P-town?

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this guy should be fired..the Bird has tried before to slam the people who are asking the question most americans want to know...who the fuck caused 911.....fuck you Bird!!!!!!!!!

laurie walsh
laurie walsh

I am amazed at the lack of focus demonstrated by the "bird brained" reporter. He insists on foisting this bizarre other agenda of anti-Semitism (which is not worthy of mention it is so insignificant!) Yeah.. there was info on 9-11 researched also by Eric Williams. Yeah, he has also made some rash claims on other topics. SO? It's one person! So many scholars were there.. Dr. Jones of BYU- and so many others to mention. Google the topic. The 9-11 conference in Chandler was about that. Talk about conspiracies!! To derail a conference and a VITAL movement by REAL patriots who speak truth to power, and scholars looking into the atrocities of the events of 9-11 that BEG another investigation... the intonations of anti-Semitism are intended to obfuscate the REAL story. The real story is that conservatives and neo-cons alike, will do whatever they can to dereal this movement. But for people who call themselves liberal and yet would go all out to undermine this important work in the interest of making a name for themselves and driving a "story".. that is the most disgusting of all. I was there when STeve Lemons refused to hear anything at all at the press conference. He kept shouting down the speakers like a cheap heckler. It was embarassing for Arizona to have that neandrathal there firing his one dimensional questions at the brain trust of the nation assembled there. tsk. I can't even believe I am reading this stuff in New Times! Fire this guy already! tssss..

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