Who's next? Should we send all the African-Americans back to Africa? How 'bout the Italians? Asians?

[Laine Lawless] thinks that tax-paying immigrants are leading us to economic ruin? Take the head of your sovereign nation, who does not care for the right of women to choose, much less the rights of mouthy dykes.
Sandra Ponce, via the Internet

And they are telling you they’re not going: I think that this article is the most ignorant piece of literature I have ever read. This bitch needs to realize that we are in the 21st century . . . I'd like to see her burn a Mexican flag in front of me. I would also like to see her reaction when I burn a gay pride flag.

Fred Harper

[Laine Lawless should] get a life, and understand that us "illegal immigrants" are never going anywhere. We are here to stay.
Livvy Ramirez, via the Internet

Back to the isle of Lesbos?: What is this woman's ancestry? If [Laine Lawless] isn't Native American, then she came from immigrants, too. Maybe she should be deported?
Molly Perkins, via the Internet

Sure, we can say irony: Let me see if I have this straight — a wandering bored lesbian who fantasizes about being Xena finds her mission in life in Arizona by helping oppress illegal Mexicans!?

She could have saved herself a lot of trouble by getting more psychoanalysis at an earlier age to help her constructively channel all that trapped male energy. By aligning herself with the agents of hate, ignorance, and intolerance (surprisingly, some of the same groups that would have her kind and mine wiped off the planet) the true nature of Ms. Dill [Lawless' last name before she changed it] is revealed. Can you say irony?

By the way, who is this Rusty Childress, and are any of his employees Hispanic? Have any of his dealerships sold cars to illegal Mexicans? Perhaps he can refund their money if he hates them so much.
Javier Chavez, via the Internet

See if she floats: All of this "anti-immigration" crap is just an excuse to be racist. And is [Laine Lawless] that ignorant to believe that every "illegal" is Mexican? And from what I remember, white people killed entire nations of Native Americans when they came here, so I don't think she's rightfully here either.

Well, it's pointless to argue with white-trash mullet-heads . . . too bad she didn't live in the time when they burned witches.
Jessica Dimas, via the Internet

Is it hot in here, or is it just the burning flags?: While I respect Laine Lawless' right to free speech, her burning of the Mexican flag is both disgusting and pathetic. She is no better than the despicable human beings that burn the American flag. She presents as nothing more than a self-absorbed, hate-mongering hypocrite. If she is the face and the voice of the anti-immigration movement, I'm jumping to the other side.
Andre Croxie, via the Internet

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