Ankkkarlo Pride

The feisty finch spars with KTAR's Darrell Ankarlow-brow, suggests anger management for an Assistant P-town police chief, and skewers fake Art Detour Gypsies

Hundreds of peeps packed the vagabond village Friday and Saturday, checking out Vavrek's art in a makeshift gallery, getting Tarot readings from the "Gypsies," listening to Vavrek and others do their Borat impersonations. Still, the whole shebang almost didn't happen. Property co-owner Wayne "monOrchid" Rainey was p.o.'d because Vavrek and pals didn't get his permission. So he threatened to have the coppers shitcan the shantytown.

"They thought it was their right to build on private property," squawked Rainey, whose gallery's name, monOrchid, refers to the condition of having one testicle. "It was a cut-and-dry case of trespassing."

Ironically, Rainey, reportedly in possession of both testicles, plans to develop that vacant lot into a series of "moderately priced" condos. In any case, the standoff between Vavrek and Rainey was getting testy until Vavrek's pal, Babs McDonald, intervened and calmed Rainey's legendary temper. According to Vavrek, this was because the curvaceous cutie was wearing a low-cut top and made a concerted effort to be friendly to Rainey, who eventually relented and allowed the shantytown to stay the weekend.

Fred Harper

Recently married, Rainey called Vavrek's tale "insulting and untrue." He not only hates getting pigeonholed as a lech, but also as an evil gentrifier or a "Loftzilla."

"If you're trying to introduce something new downtown, you're seen as evil," screeched Rainey of how some artists paint him. "They all think that any kind of progress or anything new downtown is automatically bad."

This salty sandpiper suggests Rainey team up with Vavrek and build some crappy tenements that only wigged-out art types would rent. It'd cost them next to nothing, so they'd prolly make a mint. Maybe something like the apartments at, oh, um, the Rainey-owned Holgas?


Finally, a note to state that this blackbird's favorite bar, Chez Nous, has cheated the undertaker again, and will remain open for at least another four months while owner Amina Uben seeks a new location for the nightspot.

Seems property manager Red Mountain Retail Group came through at the last minute with a short lease offer, so kudos to them for getting all human all of a sudden.

The property at Seventh Avenue and Indian School Road still appears destined to be turned into a Tesco supermarket, but at least Uben will have time to plan a transition. All this tweeter can figure is that the good Lord must love him some Chez Nous.

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