In August 2001, the Israeli CIA, the Mossad, was kicked out of Florida by the American CIA, when it got too close to Atta and cohort Marwan Al Shehhi. This story was in the big papers in Germany. Why has this not been reported in the U.S.?
Sander Hicks, Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York

Different pages indeed: It seems Steve Lemons is adroit at name-calling and accusations but not much else. For weeks, he has been bleating about Eric Williams' beliefs about the Holocaust [Williams is a Holocaust denier who was an organizer of the 9/11 conference in Chandler] because they are not in keeping with his own. Grow up, Steve, not everybody sees things your way.

Next is the attack on the character of [conference organizer] Kent Knudson. You do not have to agree with the man, but a vitriolic attack only shows you to be the one intolerant of any other viewpoint but your own. By the way, Kent put up some of his own money to guarantee the conference would be a go.
Margo Bald, Tempe

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Just Saying
Just Saying

I just read a letter via the internet to the new times from Candi Kane. Here is a portion of what she wrote:

>>>Yet where is the accountability of underage people wearing sexy clothes and throwing themselves at adults? Isn't that seduction, too? It seems to even be okay if teenagers under the age of 18 have sex with each other, but not if one is 18 years old and falls prey to some "innocent" little victim.

Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson

I think I figured out Stephen Lemon�s angle after reading the March 15 Bird column. He must be working undercover for the Minutemen trying to discredit the pro-immigration side, because nobody could be that dumb. I guess journalism school doesn't teach logic or critical thinking. Then again, maybe he is being ironic to get our attention, but I doubt it.First we were treated to the unintentional comedy of "The Passion of El Cristo," now he compares the plight of illegals to "the way blacks were treated in the Jim Crow South." Wow, do I really need to point out what a bad analogy that is? What the hell, I�ll point it out anyway. Group A willfully breaks the law by sneaking into another country and then complains when that country�s citizens don�t welcome them with open arms. Group B�s ancestors were brought here by force and, in spite of being born in the US, were treated like second class citizens. I�ll leave it to the readers to guess which group is which.Frankly, I can�t wait to see what apologies for illegal immigration he�ll come up with next. Maybe next month he�ll compare the plight of illegals to the Holocaust. How about a remake of �Star Wars� with Andrew Thomas as the Emperor and Cheech Marin as Luke?Anyway, I�m sure Chris Simcox is going to be pissed that I blew Lemon�s cover. He�ll have a hard time getting another undercover operative this funny.

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