Sitting around is easier: Instead of sitting around and waiting to see if his son will receive money from Anna Nicole Smith's estate, maybe Johnny Soto should try getting off his ass and getting a job! Isn't that what single fathers do when they need money to raise their children?

Even if the money from J. Howard Marshall's estate is awarded to Smith's estate, it will probably be tied up in probate for years. Chances are that if (big if) Marshall Soto is awarded any money, he will probably be his father's age before he ever sees a dime of it.
Ameer Triggs

White Indian: This story is a complete hoax. I am a registered member of the Tohono O'odham nation. The man photographed in this article has got to be the whitest Indian I have ever seen in my life, other than the "wanna-be" indians who are out there. (a.k.a. hippies). This paper deserves to be sued!

Reality speaks the truth: Looks like New Times did it again . . . Got all y'all's granny panties in a knot.

On your toes: New Times, your humor outdoes itself. I like the fact you keep us on our toes. I like the fact that silly people will read this stuff and believe it to be true. The satire is thick. The story line is hysterical. Gotta go . . . my taxidermied mother is falling over.

Itís actually a lot better: If the article is one of New Times' gags, it's no worse than what you'd see on MADtv, SNL, Comedy Central or in movies like White Chicks. Seems like the whole point is to skewer stereotypes and the worship of celebs. I'm married to a woman who's part Cherokee and she thought it was hilarious.

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