Corruption Junction

The winged wonder pecks away at Representative Rick Renzi, bemoans losses at the Repugnant, and mediates a catfight between rival risqué dance troupes

"There was no contract. There were no flyers, [and] no press. So I felt like it was no big deal," squawks Sutra, who insists eight weeks notice is good enough for anyone. "And now all of a sudden, Cookie starts name-calling and slandering me and it's turning into this big fiasco."

Truly, the Pussy Posse's prima donna is p.o.'d at Pyra and her fellow femmebots for flaking. The comely Cookie blasted Scandalesque on MySpace in a scathing message entitled, "I may be a Pussy but at least I'm not a CHICKEN!!!" She ripped her rivals' "bad business ethics" and belittled their monthly gigs at the Paper Heart arts venue downtown.

"Are we that intimidating or is our choreography that much better that they are afraid to meet us toe to toe?" cried Cookie. "I'm sorry, who was booked at the Stardust Hotel and Casino last October for the casino's last show and who is still performing in art galleries monthly?"

Fred Harper

Yeah, the Pussy Posse played the Stardust. But to be fair, Scandalesque's also performed at the New York Burlesque Festival and the Miss Exotic World Pageant in Las Vegas, as well as various local fetish events.

Cookie says her vitriol is justified by Scandalesque's "unprofessionalism," and the fact she spent weeks planning the gig. In its place, she has decided to hold a "Heaven & Hell" fetish event in conjunction with AZ Fetish Ball producers Horns N’ Halos, run by her life partner, body-mod guru Steve Haworth.

Sutra asserts that she was under the impression the event was competitive, while Cookie claims the salacious showdown would've been more exhibition than competition. Sutra suggested booking the PHX's Voodoo Bettie’s Burlesque & Variety troupe instead, but Cookie says it wouldn't be the same, that "booking another burlesque group that doesn't hold the weight of Scandalesque is pointless."

Despite all this invective being flung around like a discarded g-string, The Bird thinks these battling beauties should French kiss until their toes curl and make up, particularly on stage. Heck, this worm-wrangler would proudly purchase a front-row seat for that.

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Emily Long
Emily Long

Yep, "Get Fuzzy" (and Benson) are all that's left worth reading in the recently dumbed-down "Republic".

mona johnson
mona johnson

Greetings from the Glendale Ghetto. I was talking to your recruiter on the GCC campus today and he said I ought to think about writing for your rag. I'm not ready for prime time yet, but I would love to interview a local writer that really ruffles feathers. Is there a chance we could get together. I have a blog and would like to publish an interview in my blog. I am a tutor and my students want to know what a newspaper columnist does in an average day and how they got there.

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