Downtown Downer

A parking crisis for urban pioneers at the Orpheum Lofts

"We felt like this would be a very comfortable living situation for us," Pira says. "We wouldn't be rich, but we wouldn't be at the point where we were eating Top Ramen, either."

They're at that point now. And with $305,000 left on their mortgage, it's disconcerting to see a bigger unit, one floor below, selling for $240,000.

There's no way they can add another $30,000 mortgage for a parking space, Pira says. And there's also no way they can sell without guaranteed parking.

Residents like Tony Pira say they were promised parking.
Tony Blei
Residents like Tony Pira say they were promised parking.

"We love this building," Pira says. "But the reality is, we've accepted the fact that we're going to go into foreclosure."

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Kathy DeAngelis
Kathy DeAngelis

According to the, forclosures are down in 2010, but I keep hearing stories which makes me wonder how that can me true. This story sounds like a nightmare, and I am truly sorry for Tona Pira and everyone in the same boat with him.



Well, Mr. Pira should know what fraud is since he has been imprisoned for the same crime in more than one city. Police reports can be found in Maricopa County AZ, Austin TX and Miami FL


"Carole" I read those reports and they are only in AZ not in other states as you claim, 13 years later and you are still filling your life with the hate and negativity that it takes to stalk someone more than a decade later? This Pira character may have done something wrong, even unimaginable but that was 13 years ago. I think you have some unresolved anger, maybe you were a victim or involved in someway with him? I think you might need to let this one go, it was a long time ago and people change... what is the saying? He did the time... It looks like your sentence was longer than his!

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