Milling Around

Avenue attitude

In theory, this product is for people who want to make whipped cream at home. In reality, this product is for people who want to fill the pumps with nitrous oxide and do whip-its. So, of course, JuJu and I had to get some (for, uh, making whipped cream, natch).

Mike Gorman

That was our last stop of the night. Later on, when we were back at JuJu's half-empty house, giggling our asses off and talking like James Earl Jones while our heads went wah-wah-wah-wah, I came to a heady realization: Mill Avenue is still cool. Sure, a lot of people complain about the gentrification of the strip, but where else can you see college coeds dressed like golf hoochies, get advice on the stock market for a nickel, crash a street preacher's sermon and buy Yuppies, Rednecks, and Lesbian Bitches from Mars, all within the space of two hours?

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Omar Tentmaker
Omar Tentmaker

Bar Golf: Get together with a bunch of friends and dress in your best golfing attire. prepare a list of 9 bars where each person will consume one designated drink for each of the 9 bars (preferably within walking distance of one another or get a designated driver). pass out score cards. scoring goes as follows: one stroke would be one drink, two strokes would be taking two tries to finish the drink, etc. a stroke isn't a gulp... just finish the drink right away when you start it. one can manipulate these rules. keep track of your score. after 9 bars, the one with the lowest score wins. can get interesting if the drink is really strong.

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