The Iris

The Vanity Fair

The new CD by local industrial metal band The Iris sounds like a sonic blueprint for a band that's finding its sound, and getting hotter by the minute. But the blueprint isn't new — Marilyn Manson, Deftones, and a dozen other bands drew it. What's great about The Vanity Fair is that it isn't wholly derivative, and it's highly ambitious. The songs show serious structure — some tunes start with creepy, tinkling piano introductions and then explode into ear-splitting screeching and power chords before sliding down into panicked, sweeping synths. Singer Brandon Dooley's got great range, moving easily from cracked whispers to deep-throated goth crooning to high-pitched screams. Problem is, he often sounds like he's gagging on his words, swallowing syllables before they're enunciated, so sometimes it's hard to understand what he's singing. It doesn't really matter when you've got a song like "Assfist," which is a nice piece of structured hard noise, engorged with synths and shrieks. But when the lyrics are listenable, Dooley sings stuff like "I'd like to fuck her upside down" ("Mirror, Mirror") and "Spit dick all over bitch spit" ("Hush and Abide"). Good stuff.
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I thought it was a good stab for what they were attempting. Many catchy melodies, crunching riffs and a cool sound. Vocals had good melody and interesting lyrics although could have been brought up a bit in the mix. Nothing to totally blow your mind but it was good. I enjoyed it. Im also fimilar with the bands that Phil wrote about down below some of which I like but nothing any better then the iris. Some of those bands sound like the same song through the whole record. Guess its a matter of opinion. To say the least Phil just sounds like a poor hater trying to slash the enemy of his local hero. I think they have a word for that, oh yeah its called man groupie. Your not going to find anything to much different with the other bands they all share a common ground. Listen yourself, if you like this style im sure you will find some songs by the iris that you will like and some from the other bands as well.


Are you kidding me?

While The Iris may have risen through the ranks by having members with "real nice guy" personalities and having VERY supportive friends in the local scene, "The Vanity Fair" to put it in simple cutting words, sucked.

Brandon was flat low, sometimes near painful melodic vocals which packed enough muted pitch to advertise for AutoTune (which I doubt they used any since the vocals are way off key). To have a better idea, this guy's vocal ability is around the Paris Hilton area only he doesn't sound that good, ouch! that has to hurt. I am not trying to be mean, Brandon just reminds me of that little brother we all had who grew up listening to Marilyn Manson then wanted to grow up to be a rockstar sadly though he lacked the skill but was to stubborn to find something else to dream of.

Overall, the structures where very predictable for a metal band which made the cd boring, electronics where kid-alike written, I thought the sound resembled emo, screamo but with a little darker tone and an industrial side to it (nothing new).

They aren't the worst band in the Phoenix local scene but they aren't that great either.

I recommend you check out these other local Phoenix bands (with real talent and potential):

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