Jarrett and Goliath

The Bird kicks it with Jarrett Maupin, infiltrates Rusty Childress’ prejudice parties and explains why Don Imus should’ve said "Eff you!"

Groups have tried boycotting the boob's auto mall. But what's the point? Childress' hate-Mexican circle-jerk would probably just find itself another place to party. At least this way, we know where all the hate kooks are at one time.


Since everybody from the Arizona Repugnant and the Reverend Jarrett Maupin to Al Roker and Oprah Winfrey are piling on shock jock Don Imus for calling the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos," this freedom-of-speech-lovin' fowl's gonna do some Monday-mornin' quarterbackin':

Fred Harper

That crusty ol' cracker Imus should've taken a page from Republican Party doll Ann Coulter's playbook and not apologized.

Remember when Coulter called Dem John Edwards a "faggot"? She offered no excuses and flipped her critics the extended middle digit. Even this liberal lapwing admired her moxie, though it was disgusted by what she spat. The I-man's crack was far less offensive, he prostrated himself before the Reverend Al Sharpton and others, and he still got the boot!

Coulter weighed in on the Imus situation, suggesting that he "apologize to the Rutgers women — and those women alone — send them flowers, and stop kissing Al Sharpton's ring." Good advice. His open apology only made a bad situation worse.

Now The Bird hasn't ever been able to stomach the dyspeptic Imus (who many think is a radio legend). But his firing sets a dangerous precedent. It's already having a chilling effect on entertainers, comedians and talk-radio hosts. Evidence of that bubbled up when this beak-bearer phoned John Holmberg of 98KUPD's "Holmberg's Morning Sickness," the closest thing the Valley has to Howard Stern.

Holmberg wouldn't comment on the record, telling this foul flapper that the station was layin' low, waiting for the current mood to blow over. Okay, Johnny, but every time someone like Imus puckers up to Al Sharpton's fanny or an on-air "badass" like you refuses to take a stand, PC thought police win.

This tweeter's learned the hard way that lefties can be even more restrictive of free speech than their rightist counterparts. We're entering an era where libs want to give us all the A Clockwork Orange treatment. Unless we tell 'em to go eff themselves, they'll ram their namby-pamby speech codes right down our friggin' gullets.

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Wow, why would you use the term cracker? Do you really want to call this person a slave owner who cracks the whip. You shouldn't use words unless you know the meaning. Being white is not shamefull! It's idiots like you that keep racism going. Grow up!


What Don Imus said was extremely wrong in that 1) it was a racist statement (even if there was a white woman on the team, would not Caucasians find fault in anyone making the comment about some white females hair? 2) They are WOMEN, they are not WHORES, HO'S, B's or anything else. Are they pandering their bodies? They do NOT HAVE 4 LEGS and have 6-12 nipples, they do not birth puppies and do not eat the afterbirth, so why would any person of any "class" have the indecency to refer to ANY WOMAN as a dog, or as a Whore? Any person with self respect and decency whom refers to a woman, who is the person whom gives birth to EVERY HUMAN BEING on the face of the Earth, would not defile her in any way whatsoever, especially in the public eye, in that disrespectful way. 3)just because inferior black males are inferior enough to make "music" that defiles and defames ALL WOMEN AND GIRLS, does not mean it is OKAY FOR a white male do so, especially in regards to a black woman, when we all know the HISTORY of the Caucasian male, in regards to the black woman and girl. This WILL NOT CONTINUE IN THIS CENTURY! The problem now is that the inferior black male whom was too inferior, lazy and scared to stand up and defend the black woman from rape from the white male and the black male, has now sought to "monopolize" on the act of savagery and indecent behavior towards her himself. He now finds "pride" in being the beast and the rapist and is selling everything of this is rap music, hip hop music and TV and movies. This is not to say that white males or other males do not defame and defile women, they do. However, it is only the inferior black male whom thinks it is okay to defame black women and all women, period, because he feels he has the "right" do to slavery etc... The black woman was not responsible for him being a slave, not having a job, being a drug addict, in jail etc... for that reason neither is the white man, it is he whom CHOSE, TO BE A SLAVE, in that he was too lazy, inferior, or scared to stand up and be a man and defend himself and the black woman against those whom entered his country. Would the white male have allowed the black male to have gone into Europe and enslave him and sell his women and children? Has the white male allowed this to happen ever? He still is acting inferior and blaming everyone else for his lack of respect, having a job, not having property, education and being in jail or pushing drugs etc... as if he was not born with two hands, two legs and a brain like everyone else on this planet. I am not saying that all black males are inferior, only that many are and they instead of simply just admitting it is they are inferior and are those whom CHOSE, to do drugs, sell drugs, rape women and molest children and murder, do drive by�s and hence went to prison, and since they were too lazy, weak or inferior to allow themselves to become enslaved and to have been enslaved for 500 years, that they have to being inferior beings blame someone else for their inferiority. I am a multiracial black woman, and I am fed up with the black male (I use the term male and not man, because to date I have not met a black man: a person whom treats ALL women with respect, has a job, is not a drug addict/pusher, and blames others for his inferior behavior, not a ex-con, rapist, gang banger, does not expect women to support him financially and every way possible) I am fed up with him feeling it is okay to for example to molest a woman or girl or rape or steal or sell or do drugs, and he shouldn�t go to jail or be punished, simply because he has black skin. Why is it okay to hurt a black woman disrespect her in all your music and videos and movies and it is okay to rape and molest the black women, girl and all women period, but not okay for a white man to treat him as thus? Why is he �worthy� of crying foul and expecting �respect� when he is the number violator of the black woman and child? Why is it not okay to treat a male of ANY color with disrespect and abuse when they are being inferior and destroying society and their own communities but it is okay to disrespect an individual if that individual has a vagina? I personally support most police "brutality" in that most of the males the cops abuse are drug dealers, rapists, murderers, molesters etc... and the black males that are in the community do not have the superior traits to "beat down" these thugs themselves, and make them behave like men, or simply treat them as the beasts they prefer to behave as. Ergo I say go at it cops, KKK, neo-Nazi�s do YOUR JOB, the job inferior black males will not do, and inferior thinking black women are too afraid to do something about. So in ending I must say Don Imus should apologize, it was disrespectful at all levels, just because inferior black males act inferior and use vile terminology in regards to speaking of women and girls does not mean it is okay for him to do so. Anyone with any sort of intelligence and respect would understand this, however, I must add that in this being the New Times magazine in which carries an insurmountable amount of disrespectful material and displays women and girls in vile and disgusting ways, ergo acting like inferior males themselves, in that they are disrespecting women of all races, by pandering their filth to the public, and are carrying on the "tradition" of treating the feminine sex as something to barter, and prostitute and defile, so of course I am wasting my breath, however, I happened to see the article since I don't read your magazine anymore, since I find it offensive in everyway possible in that it defiles the very image and being of womanhood and society as a whole, however, I found out comments were made about Imus, and I decided to send in my two cents, to the "public" about what decency really is... though however, those whom read and cater to your magazine perhaps will not understand this... (I choose not to have my name added to this article or e-mail)


I highly doubt Maupin (just out of diapers and still on traing wheels) even has a chance. He speaks as if he were off the streets of south Phoenix without an education. Well I read he gets his hair down there as per your article. The most un-intellectual conversation he had was with Joe Crummy on his radio station. I thought he was a 10 year old caller throwing slang around. Not language for a respectable political representative if he is even respected at all. Just because he is buddies with sharpton doesn't mean he has the intellegence to run a city. No kudos for Maupin.


In regards to your dis-tasteful left winged propaganda on Rusty Childress Kia. What does selling legitimate Korean cars have to do with illegal immigration? Is it illegal to sell Korean Cars? Your reporter comes in with negative left wing slander on issues that you don't have correct facts on. All walks of life and people from other ethnic backgrounds join those meetings. As if your "rag" isn't nasty enough, now you just add your racists remarks on true patriots of America who believe in the law. Half of what was said in your article with name calling is completely untrue- I hope your readers are not as naive to believe this Anti-American sickness that you express in this article. I have seen third graders write better stories then this one.


I was wondering just when your going to go after the 2 race baiting people like Al Sharpton and his other half of a pair . . . I have not seen them out doing anything to get people to join together and get things done as a group . . Its always Y-T did this to one of us and we want you to do this to get back . . Why not just talk about PEOPLE and not being so racist . . I am beginning to think your very racist in your opinions !

laine lawless
laine lawless

You go, Steve, show your bigot colors! You talk about "bigots" on the one hand, but begin your gossip column by using a slur against a minority person, who I'm sure will forever be identified by you as only that one thing, as if she were nothing else: lesbian. "Butch-lesbo" is a slur; it's the same as a racial slur, but it's sexist and homophobic. And as a straight man, you are not allowed to decide whether or not I qualify as "butch," a term which I do not appreciate or agree with. And it's not your place to identify me as a "lesbo," which is a pejorative term, just as much as the terms Don Imus recently used. I've reported you and the New Times to GLAAD for your bigotry.

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