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Sheriff Joe crowns himself anti-corruption kingfish and J.T. Ready looks for race friends on

But this plover's primary point is that an official like Arpaio, whose hands are filthy with the blood of those killed and wounded in his custody, and who has done his best to slime his political opponents, is in no position to investigate the peccadilloes of others, whether or not they be credible.

This is the same Sheriff Joke who makes a mockery of his position by playing media whore with such stunts as his recent "Inmate Idle" competition, where performing prisoners vied for better food, his retarded, in-house KJOE radio show, which plays Frank Sinatra to stripe-wearers, or stumping for Scottsdale's Pink Taco restaurant, like he did last year, as reported in The Bird ("Pussy Posse," June 29, 2006).

Adding injury to insult, lawsuits continue to roll in against Joe, costing taxpayers millions. By the time Bird-watchers peruse this column, Phoenix attorney Mike Manning will probably have given his opening argument in the case of Phillip Wilson, an MCSO informant who was spying on the Aryan Brotherhood in Tent City. The "Woods," as they're referred to, found him out and beat him senseless on July 22, 2003, while Tent City guards assigned to the yard were allegedly chillin' in the parking lot. Wilson later died from his injuries. Manning's seeking $12 mil in damages, and he's won versus Joe before: $8.25 million in the 1996 death of MCSO inmate Scott Norberg; $9 million in the 2001 killing of Charles Agster III. Now he's poised for another plaintiff payday.

Fred Harper

And there's more: In August, Buckeye police chief Dan Saban and lawyer Joel Robbins go to trial in their million-dollar suit over the efforts of Arpaio's chief deputy David Hendershott and others to smear the Sheriff's 2004 primary foe over a bogus rape charge. New Times journo Paul Rubin detailed the scummy tale in his January 25 cover story, "Boob's Tube."

After an incident like this one, you'd think Arpaio's office would be under investigation by someone! But in a perverted twist, he's the one doing the sleuthin'.

Arpaio's also got a vendetta against this paper for its ongoing criticism of his policies. New Times also has a lawsuit against the MCSO, seeking compensation because of the agency's violation of the state's public records law. That's why the Sheriff wants Pinal County to criminally prosecute us for mentioning his home address online, even though anyone with Internet access can acquire this info in a buttload of other places. Read more about this donnybrook in The Bird's Xmas column ("Joe Strikes Back," December 21, 2006).

Arpaio's bullying, his showboating, and his appetite for publicity know no bounds. Candy's his willing accomplice, but Arpaio's recklessness makes the self-aggrandizing badge-wearer the most dangerous dood in AZ, a law unto himself who perpetuates the canard that he gives two licks about public corruption. Christ, where's Superman when you need him?

Or maybe just a U.S. Attorney with a set of nads.


Here's a little follow-up to this buzzard's exposé last week of Kia dealer Rusty Childress' regular Thursday-night prejudice parties at his automall at 23rd Avenue and Camelback Road ("Bigot Bash," April 19, 2007). Apparently, former Mesa city council candidate J.T. Ready, who bumblefucked his way to defeat in March '06 after omitting from his bio info about his criminal history, is a member of the Web site, sort of a racist, which bills itself as "An Online Community for Whites By Whites." This, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The profile on, under the handle "Viking Son," features several pics of the rotund racist parading in a kilt, debating "anti-white commies" at a demonstration, and searching for illegals with a big set of binoculars. His turn-ons include, "A woman who loves our Race, Kultur, Heritage, History and Future," while turn-offs list "Negativity" and "Race-Mixing," among others.

Favorite books include the neo-Nazi classic The Turner Diaries — you know, the racist dystopian novel by the late white supremacist leader William Pierce, which inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Music-wise, the dood's into Prussian Blue, the white-nationalist bubblegum-pop duo of Lynx and Lamb Gaede, two blond, blue-eyed teenage twins who love Adolf Hitler, swastikas and giving the Nazi salute at their concerts.

This "Viking Son" page ( sports such gnarly maxims as "We must create White Familes our perish" [sic], as well as messages from his pals, like "Have a White day," and constant references to 14/88, neo-Nazi shorthand for a 14-word statement by imprisoned white supremacist David Lane ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children"), and the eighth letter of the alphabet, 88, meaning "HH" or "Heil Hitler!"

Ready's racist leanings on were first outed by the Anti-Defamation League at a state legislative hearing in March, which is probably why J.T. referred to the org as the "Anti-Defecation League" at one of Rusty Childress' white-pride powwows.

Indeed, ADL regional director Bill Straus additionally advised this avian that Ready was a visitor to the neo-Nazi National Vanguard's annual Winterfest gathering in PHX last year, a little fete also attended by Mexican flag-burner extraordinaire Laine Lawless.

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Sheriff Joe is such a moron! Can he get any more ridiculous?? What a joke.

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