Momís grievance: When I read your story ("Indian Takers," Paul Rubin, March 22), it made me sick to my stomach to read that the Maricopa County Superior Court could have so much consideration for an addict mother who can barely survive on her own and yet she was given every chance to have her daughter with her. I'm a mother with no addictions, makes a decent living and living every day for her children, yet the court had no consideration with me and awarded full custody to the father.

What a joke this legal system is.
Theresa Villa, Phoenix


Signs of harassment: I am a competitor of Jim Torgeson ("Sign Wars," Megan Irwin, March 29) and I can identify with what he is saying regarding sign twirling. I have been harassed in towns in the West Valley, where the head code-enforcement officer comes out and inspects your sign holders and postings and asks for them to be moved to a certain distance from the sidewalk or curb, then a police officer comes along and tells me it's all wrong, it needs to be another foot farther from where the man whose job and responsibility it is just instructed me to input signs.

The sign business can be very competitive, and Jim and I have not always agreed on tactics and ideals. However, we would like, at all times, to be law-abiding citizens in our business ventures. Morally and ethically, the competition can be very intense in our business. Jim and I have solicited each other's customers, in most cases ignorant of the other party's relationship with them. As long as we stay at an arm's distance, do not sabotage the other's advertising materials, and do not harass the competition's clients, I see no problem in backing Jim on this matter. But given some of his recent activities, I would have to testify, if called into court, that his prowess is not quite as dignified as he might portray.

I wish him luck and success in his legal affairs.
Michael Reilly, Arizona Show Manager, Kilowaa Inc., Phoenix

"Hitler-like" control: As a man who has held a sign and earned money to pay for rent, I see nothing wrong with it. The First Amendment protects it. So does common sense. Does it really hurt anyone? No. It causes no harm and there is no evidence drivers are distracted. Is it ugly to promote commerce and provide jobs by having sign twirlers? No. The problem is with the Scottsdale City Council, which has no rhyme or reason for the "Hitler-like" control of the "appearance" of Scottsdale. I think they have infringed on Jim Torgeson's rights, and he should win in court.
Mike Martin, Los Angeles

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