Letters From the Issue of Thursday, May 10, 2007


A true patriot speaks: I just read Stephen "Fat Boy" Lemon-head's blog about the counter-demonstration at the Beaner rally downtown the other day, and I'm sick and tired of him maligning true patriots who're defending this country from the invasion — and I do mean the invasion — of wetbacks from our south.

Lemons slams car dealer Rusty Childress, who out of no profit to himself helps keep the movement going. And he makes a big deal out of some so-called skinheads that may or may not have been present that day. Personally, I don't care how someone cuts their hair, as long as they're defending America. Come to think of it, the Marines cut their hair pretty short. Does that make them Nazis too? Lemons probably thinks so.

He even has the gall to make fun in his blog of Buffalo Rick Galeener, a wounded veteran, whom he should get down on his knees and thank for fighting for this country's freedom overseas. If I ever meet up with Lemon-boy, I plan to give him a little history lesson on what men like Buffalo have done for their flag. I'm sure he'll find it very educational.
Dan Bunker, Surprise


Crying and screaming: I just read for the third time Sarah Fenske's outstanding, yet unbelievable, article about Cindy Monkman. I'm shocked! I'm so angry! I'm sitting here, wanting to cry and scream at the same time ("Sympathy for the Devil," April 26)! I totally agree with Sarah's opinions, and I share her emotions about what these two bastards are now trying to get away with.

I am so saddened by what Cindy Monkman's family must go through now, having to return to court and relive the pain and that hell, after Cindy was murdered by these monsters.

Cindy's so-called retarded husband manipulated, married, and murdered her with the help of his brother. These men, supposedly with low IQs, carefully and intelligently thought out, planned and performed what they did to Cindy . . . and everything they did before, during, and after!

And now it seems they've successfully conned a judge and possibly the judicial system? Give me a break! And please, please put tax money to better use!

Thank you, Sarah, for your powerful story. Thank you for informing the world of the details of this case. My sympathy and prayers go out to Cindy's sister, Kathy, and the rest of the Monkman family. I pray that you are resting in peace, Cindy darling.
Deanna G. Barton, Fairfield, Connecticut

Judging Sylvia: I think Judge Sylvia Arrellano is looking to make a name for herself via the Monkman case. She knows everything that was written in this article by Sarah Fenske, and more. Yet she continually sandbags the attorney general's office.

She tried to rule out any testimony about Michael and Rudy Apelt after they were adults, when deciding if they were mentally retarded or not.

She has thrown Cathy Hughes, the original prosecutor who convicted the killing duo, off the case. She has also overruled her own decisions. Recuse this judge!
Wendy Rodriguez, via the Internet

Whoís the real con here?: I am sickened and appalled to learn what a mockery this murderer from Germany is making of the American justice system. The current judge in this case is an embarrassment to our system.

I am surprised to learn she is on the bench in the same county as "America's toughest sheriff." Judges like this one undo and/or undermine all the hard work of prosecutors everywhere with their asinine decisions.

Politicians and voters, please take note! Be very careful about who you put on the bench. It appears there are con artists from all walks of life.
Paula Gordon, via the Internet

The real question: I wasn't going to read your article, but then I gave in as I wanted to see what this was all about. It sickens me that perpetrators have more rights that the victims. How could people who are mentally retarded have the smarts to conjure up this whole scheme?

And you are right: Why do we give in to this?
Craig Benner, via the Internet

Spare us another tragedy: Reading the article about Michael and Rudy Apelt and how they methodically plotted and killed Cindy Monkman, after satisfying their greed for money, brought me back to the chilling reminder of events that occurred more than 15 years ago.

As a business owner, I had hired an Arizona State University student who had recently graduated with an engineering degree. He saw Cindy frequently. On one occasion, she visited my business. I enjoyed talking with her very much, and she was absolutely full of life.

It was a very dark day for many of us when the chain of events unfolded as you have detailed in your article. To this day, I still have a heavy heart from the grief that so many people close to Cindy endured.

My sincere wish is to see the Arizona justice system step up to the plate and block the plea of mental retardation. Even though there is no act that can bring Cindy back, declaring Michael Apelt mentally incompetent would make a mockery of justice.

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Buffalo Rick Galeener
Buffalo Rick Galeener

Dear Editor,There is a BOZO on your bus!

To the Pimpled PeckerHead,(or whatever you call yourself)

You still can't get it right, can you? One would think after repeated attempts at discovering the facts, (obviously unimportant) that you would at least absorb some knowledge. Apparently, your brain functions have been damaged by the dreaded "bird flu". You don't even recall our conversations accurately. Next time, I would suggest taking notes, kinda like a real journalist!You wrote, "Someone gave me a plate of pie, and I soon dumped it without taking a bite." Wrong! You were sucking that pie down like it might be your last meal. Kinda reminded me of a pig at the trough, as opposed to a bird at a feeder.Seems the awkward and totally flightless "feathered bastard", who more closely resembles a rather portly, pot bellied penguin, is suffering from the "bird flu's" advance symptoms, which include homophobia, racism, bigotry and either a failing memory or a large case of laziness. I see the same lame name calling and statements from your last column, just in a different order. Now that's real journalism! The rehash of a poorly written piece, in hopes that "repeated lies become truths", only shows the shallow, socialistic mind behind it.However, there was one comparison I must thank you for! Gabby Hayes was a great American! Any American patriot would be proud to be associated with a man who had his morals and lived by them! Right is right and wrong is wrong! A concept the Pimpled Peckerhead cannot seem to grasp. Can you spell "ILLEGAL?" Do you comprehend "ILLEGAL?"As for calling me a "Cripple", I wonder what the Americans with Disabilities Act and legal minds will think of this disparaging remark? THE TERM IS DISABLED, bird brain! Learn it! Or is that another "racist" demand, in your opinion?I'm actually thankful that I am disabled. Otherwise I might tear that pimply faced, pumpkinhead off your rotund and flabby body and defecate down your gullet! You can thank Agent Orange and Vietnam for your reprieve, penguin boy! And, my apologies to those standing in line to relieve themselves down your foul mouthed pie hole!If these are the depths that a once respected Arts & Entertainment Paper, built by Lacy and Larkin has fallen, it gives rise to the question, What else do you lie about, and WHO is hiring these fools? (If the pay scale for an article has remained the same as when I wrote for the New Times in the early eighties, this might explain a lot.)

Buffalo Rick Galeener

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