After Cindy was taken from us by Michael and Rudy Apelt's brutal actions, the final horror of this situation occurred when my employee, who had been close to Cindy, returned from an out-of-town trip and heard the devastating news.

Reluctantly, he volunteered to help identify the body, and was told by authorities that they appreciated his coming forward but the body had already been positively identified. Then, they relayed to him that she had been so brutally murdered that it would not be in his best interest to see what had happened.

I sincerely hope that Michael Apelt will not be spared his rightful dues for yet another con.
Harvey B. Jansen, via the Internet


Trouble in Crowís nest: I read what you wrote on Arizona State University and Michael Crow and would like to commend you on an excellent article ("ASU Inc.," Megan Irwin, April 26). I have lived in Tempe for 30 years and have seen many changes, both good and bad.

The university experience is quickly fading from what was once a great campus, and the biggest losers are the students.

I worked on campus in the comptroller's office when John Schwada was president and also was athletic business manager for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics for seven years during the tenure of Frank Kush and Fred Miller.

I have not been a fan of Michael Crow since the first day he was hired and the first time he opened his mouth. It was evident to me that changes were on the horizon, and they were not, in this man's opinion, heading in the right direction.

I am not the least bit surprised that Michael Crow would not meet with you. Why should he? You could not enhance his agenda. Remember, this is all about him and his ego. I am angered by his style, direction and intimidation of the university population.

The sooner he goes the better the state of Arizona and Arizona State University will be. I would like to see ASU once again be Sun Devil Country, not a Crow's nest.
Shelly Gerard, Tempe

ASU on right track: Your article on Michael Crow further proves New Times is good for only two things: finding something fun to do on the weekend and laughing at the bizarre sexual ads in the back of the issue.

When you write an article, do you sit down and say to yourself, "What is the most obtuse and bizarre position I can take?"

Michael Crow is running ASU like a corporation; how is that a bad thing? He's been given incentives to do his job well, which sounds like an excellent thing to me. Would you rather have him paid a flat salary with no motivation to make things better other than to do the bare minimum to keep his job? Financial incentives for quality work are a wonderful way to get good production out of anyone.

Furthermore, either your article didn't clearly explain the situation with Kathryn Milun, or it really is as stupid as you make it sound. ASU had a rule, she had to do X in Y amount of time, she didn't do it, and she was let go. Where is the crime here?

Furthermore, no one cares about your writer's quixotic heroics when she was at the State Press. This article was a completely inappropriate place to go into that matter. If you want to pen an autobiography, please do so, but don't bait a reader with one thing and then trick them into reading part of your life's story.

The fact that Michael Crow is seeking a lot of private investment for ASU is a fantastic thing, and I can't see how anyone would be upset about it. You mean Michael Crow is decreasing ASU's need to ask for more and more tax money each year by getting private donors? How horrid! The scandal!
Will Novak, Phoenix

First mistake: first person: This article on ASU was informative and meaningful, until the author starts talking about herself. Megan Irwin serves to discredit her article when she goes into an immature and egotistical rant on her personal experience with Michael Crow, which is a shame, considering all that her article could have exposed.

She writes, "Unlike thousands of my classmates, I met face to face with the president several times." Well, good for her, but what does this have to do with a tenure-track professor? She even continues to boast her self-importance on ASU's campus in a vain attempt to paint herself as some sort of Michael Crow martyr: "There was even a petition circulated on campus to have me resign and (so I heard) have me kicked out of school."

That rant sounded more like that of a woman scorned than of a professional journalist. I am surprised and disappointed that this got past the editors at New Times.
Lea Rae, Tempe

Academic Indonesia: I, too, was a student at ASU, my younger sister is currently attending, and my mother has been a nurse there for almost 30 years. We speak constantly of the almost-daily changes on campus and the frustration almost everybody seems to feel with Michael Crow.

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Buffalo Rick Galeener
Buffalo Rick Galeener

Dear Editor,There is a BOZO on your bus!

To the Pimpled PeckerHead,(or whatever you call yourself)

You still can't get it right, can you? One would think after repeated attempts at discovering the facts, (obviously unimportant) that you would at least absorb some knowledge. Apparently, your brain functions have been damaged by the dreaded "bird flu". You don't even recall our conversations accurately. Next time, I would suggest taking notes, kinda like a real journalist!You wrote, "Someone gave me a plate of pie, and I soon dumped it without taking a bite." Wrong! You were sucking that pie down like it might be your last meal. Kinda reminded me of a pig at the trough, as opposed to a bird at a feeder.Seems the awkward and totally flightless "feathered bastard", who more closely resembles a rather portly, pot bellied penguin, is suffering from the "bird flu's" advance symptoms, which include homophobia, racism, bigotry and either a failing memory or a large case of laziness. I see the same lame name calling and statements from your last column, just in a different order. Now that's real journalism! The rehash of a poorly written piece, in hopes that "repeated lies become truths", only shows the shallow, socialistic mind behind it.However, there was one comparison I must thank you for! Gabby Hayes was a great American! Any American patriot would be proud to be associated with a man who had his morals and lived by them! Right is right and wrong is wrong! A concept the Pimpled Peckerhead cannot seem to grasp. Can you spell "ILLEGAL?" Do you comprehend "ILLEGAL?"As for calling me a "Cripple", I wonder what the Americans with Disabilities Act and legal minds will think of this disparaging remark? THE TERM IS DISABLED, bird brain! Learn it! Or is that another "racist" demand, in your opinion?I'm actually thankful that I am disabled. Otherwise I might tear that pimply faced, pumpkinhead off your rotund and flabby body and defecate down your gullet! You can thank Agent Orange and Vietnam for your reprieve, penguin boy! And, my apologies to those standing in line to relieve themselves down your foul mouthed pie hole!If these are the depths that a once respected Arts & Entertainment Paper, built by Lacy and Larkin has fallen, it gives rise to the question, What else do you lie about, and WHO is hiring these fools? (If the pay scale for an article has remained the same as when I wrote for the New Times in the early eighties, this might explain a lot.)

Buffalo Rick Galeener

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