Bird Boycott

The truculent tweeter tackles Mayor Phil, PHX City Council hypocrisy, and goofball prez wanna-be Fred Thompson

No surprise, considering that in 2005, the Phoenix Business Journal quoted Gordon PR-toady Scott Phelps as stating that hizzoner would be endorsing McCain in '08.

See, McCain and Gordon are longtime allies. McCain's wife, one-time Percocet-popper Cindy McCain, has donated cash to Goober's re-election bid, and reportedly helped raise moolah for our milquetoast mayor. Also, Gordon's co-chief-of-staff Deb Gullett is married to Wes Gullett, a longtime adviser to the senator and his former deputy campaign director from Y2K. Sheesh, Goober and McCain are practically fused at the hip.

True, Goober keeps it on the QT while suckin' up to McCain, who's as popular with the AZ GOP as a massive anal probe is to a prostate patient. But last week, the L.A. Times reaffirmed that Goober "has crossed party lines to back Senator John McCain, the Republican candidate who is a longtime friend and supporter." This, in an article about how L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a real Democrat, would be endorsing Hillary Clinton in her White House run.

Fred Harper

Why doesn't the AZ Democratic Party threaten to disown Philly Cheesesteak unless he toes the line and supports the freakin' Democratic Party in the national elections? And why would any Dem prez candidate making a swing through Phoenix want to share the stage with this punk?

Yeah, the PHX mayoral contest is nominally nonpartisan. But if Dems want to vote for a true D and not a DiNO, they should cast a ballot for the Rev. Jarrett Maupin. That cat will never endorse a Republican.

"Phil's in the game, he acts like he's on our team, he's in our huddle, but he has their jersey on," opined Maupin to this meadowlark. "You know, go play for your own team and stay out of our huddle. Actually, he wouldn't even be a good Republican. So I'm urging him to re-register as an Independent."

Maupin, who turned 20 this week, challenged Goober to defend his egregious hypocrisy in a debate. The PHX's political boy-wonder also pointed out that in a state with a self-respecting Democratic party, Phil would be drummed out.

"He's like the house Negro," offered Maupin. "You know, the one that told on the field Negro so that he could sit on master's front porch. That's what he's doing in this race. He wants to sit on Master McCain's front porch, or he's trying to assure that he's got Master McCain's support when he eventually runs for governor."

(Save the angry letters, people. Maupin's black. He can use that analogy.)

Goober's canoodle-fest with McCain is nothing more than political back-slapping. Democrats should treat Phil like a leper until he stops using the party faithful to his own ends, and stops playin' patty-cake with the enemy.


Is Fred Thompson smokin' crack? On the same day last week that the Law & Order star and former U.S. senator was incorporating his presidential committee, this winged wonder learned Freddy's shilling for scumbag Robert Maynard Jr. , founder of Tempe identity-theft company LifeLock.

Maynard's the subject of an exposé by New Times staff writer Ray Stern, who reveals Maynard's shady, duplicitous past in lurid detail ("What Happened in Vegas . . ." May 31). Yet Thompson's stentorian vocals "will grace 60-second ads for [LifeLock] on radio networks nationwide," according to a recent story in The Boston Globe.

This lack of vetting on Thompson's part could help derail Thompson's honeymoon with the media and his fellow Republicans. The Globe article suggests Thompson's doing the ad "because LifeLock has a special offer for servicemen and -women deployed around the world." But once those servicemen read Stern's piece on LifeLock mogul Maynard and his scummy past, they'll be thinking twice about that "special offer."

LifeLock offers a service for $10 a month that most people could do solo: Inform credit-reporting bureaus that you want your account red-flagged for fraud. Stern tells you how to do it without LifeLock's help.

Stern also details how Maynard filed for bankruptcy three times. Maynard's previous firm, National Credit Foundation, was sued by AZ and the FTC for fraud and misrepresentation. And, incredibly, federal court records state that Maynard and other execs at NCF obtained clients' banking info and "withdrew funds from consumers' checking accounts without authorization."

Authorities shut down NCF in the '90s, and there's a federal court order forbidding Maynard from working in the credit-repair industry indefinitely. Maynard's never admitted wrongdoing. But he declined a chance to defend himself when Stern phoned him.

Maynard even took advantage of his own father, Dr. Robert Maynard Sr. , who admits "veracity is a problem" for his son. See, Maynard Jr. used his father's identity to open an account with American Express without the knowledge of Maynard Sr., racking up over $154K in unpaid bills on the AE card.

Yep, the guy whose company promises to protect you from identity theft was once a practitioner of the art form.

Both Maynard and LifeLock CEO Todd Davis like to tell this bogus story about how Maynard was once arrested for failing to pay back a $16K casino loan that he never took out because someone stole his identity. Problem is, Maynard actually did take out that casino marker, so the arrest was 100 percent legit. This, according to the Clark County, Nevada, district attorney's office.

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