Another terrified customer: As a LifeLock customer, I had to give them my name, address, Social Security number, and power of attorney. Holy crap, now I am scared. These guys are liars, criminals and con artists.

LifeLock's service was built on trust. I am canceling my service immediately. But I am still scared — these nuts have all my personal data. I am terrified. What happens if the company shuts down? Where will my data go? This is horrible. I should have never signed up for LifeLock.
Name withheld by request

Can it get any worse? I'm a former employee of LifeLock, and I can honestly say that even I didn't want to sign up for LifeLock's services, and they offered them to us for free!

I was working as a contractor out of my home for them, and they never did a background check on me. They interviewed me over the phone, which took all of five minutes, and that was it. They have never even seen what I look like with the exception of my driver's license that I faxed over to them.

But I had access to everybody's Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, home addresses, dates of birth — everything. I had everybody's personal and confidential information and not once did they do a background check on me.

The office building may be, or look like, it's a highly secured company (I only know that from your article; I was never asked to come into the office), but, as for the outside contractors, there is no kind of security or guarantee that your information is safe.
Name withheld by request

What kind of man . . .? How could [Robert Maynard Jr.'s partner], Todd Davis, possibly be an honest businessman if he would tell Maynard's story again after he knew it was false?

Do you want to give these people your personal information and power of attorney? The Federal Trade Commission and attorney general need to shut them down.

The whole premise of LifeLock is a based on Maynard Jr. telling a story of identity theft that he made up to dupe investors and to create fear in the public. LifeLock doesn't do anything that you can't do for yourself, for free. All it does is try to make people afraid by telling its lies.

Robert Maynard, Jr. was legitimately arrested for failing to pay a gambling debt. Apparently, however, Maynard Jr. is an identity thief: He stole his father's identity and left him holding the bag. What kind of a man does that?
Name withheld by request


Itís not about the money: The Bird's column says, "Being popped with a DUI doesn't equate you with being a murderer." That is, unless your impairment leads to you killing someone while driving. I would like to see writer Stephen Lemons make that statement to someone who has lost their kid to a drunken driver ("Mad at MADD," May 31).

I am happy that local cops "lurk" outside bars pulling "anybody and everybody" over in case they arrest even one driver who would have killed my wife or kids. It is not all about money. If you want to criticize police on that account, criticize speed cameras, not their looking for drunken drivers.
Joel J. Smiler, Marana

Itís all about the money: Popping people for DUI is definitely a scam. Cities make so much money off this when statistics show that people at .08 cause a minuscule number of injury accidents. Traffic deaths and injuries are overwhelmingly caused by people with double-the-legal-limit blood-alcohol levels.

What has happened is Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been allowed to run rampant in this country with its scare tactics. There is no doubt that driving insanely drunk is wrong and dangerous. But at .08, people of average weight don't even have a buzz on.

The law needs to be made more rational. And now, first-time DUI offenders must buy ignition Interlock devices! This is insane, unless drivers are blind drunk at the time of their arrest! I'm saying they should have to be at .20 or above to deserve this punishment.

And The Bird reports that MADD now wants such devices put in all vehicles! Orwellian, for sure!
Mike Yarbrough, Phoenix


Keep your eye on the sheriff: The Bird really summed up Sheriff Joe Arpaio in "Useful Idiots." It's no lie to say this geezer is dancing on the graves of his victims with the help of stupid media that humanizes him by airing his little publicity stunts (The Bird, May 31).

You never know what wrinkled, old Joe will come up with next! Just when I thought his Inmate Idle competition was about as dumb and low as it gets, then came his Spider-Man and Paris Hilton foolishness.

Like you say, you could see on TV that Joe had no remorse for the people who have died in his jails. He considers them the real joke. He was crowing about winning one of the many lawsuits against him. Well, his winning a suit had to be a first! He has cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars and has made a mockery of justice in the process.

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