Ladies Night

Looking for a good time

I'm not giving up hope — yet. To be fair, Boobie is but a teat. And we are but four frisky chicks heading out to have a combined squirt gun battle and wet T-shirt contest in the parking lot.

Our stops this evening:

Cash Inn Country
2120 E. McDowell Road
A hunker-down waterin' hole with wood-paneled walls, beer banners, and Christmas light decor, Cash Inn is the place for cool country spun by DJs Delicious and Rebecca, as well as weekly activities like karaoke, pool, poker, and line dancing.

Giulio Sciorio
Mike Gorman

2424 E. Thomas Road
A lesbian dance club with a strong urban vibe, Incog seems to attract its share of couples and provides a low-profile, laid-back atmosphere for making out in the dark.

zGirl Club
4301 N. 7th Avenue
Formerly known as Misty's, zGirl is a busy neighborhood bar that hosts all sorts of action, from amateur pole dancing and "Drag King Idol" competitions to DJs spinning Top 40 and live music from Sapphic songbirds like Arielle Silver and Nels.

4343 N. 7th Avenue
A spacious dance club where DJs Static and Freedom play hip-hop and house music, e-Lounge is prone to throwing themed parties, and has held such soirees as "Ghetto Trash" and "Military Party" alongside the occasional drag king show.

Club Vibe
3031 E. Indian School Road
Club Vibe has scaled back since taking over the space that used to house Ain't Nobody's Bizness. but there's still a pool table, darts, and DJs spinning reggaeton, Top 40, Spanish pop, and hip-hop. "Boobie" is the club's newest weekly event.

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I really enjoyed this article, and want to thank Nicki for writing it. Sorry if it didn't appeal to the masses, aka, the non-lesbian/bisexual female community, but I thought it was funny and provided some good insight into the bar scene. I've lived here for about 6 months and really haven't been out much, but now I have an idea of where to go, just in time for some friends who are visiting next month. Thanks again!


Not Surprised, all I know is that if I was a lesbian coming for a visit to Phoenix, I'd go to Z-Girl club because they throw a better party as opposed to the other clubs visited. That was what the article was about right? That certainly looks like journalism to me. As for the creativity, I wish I was creative enough to get into a water pistol fight with a bunch of hot lesbians. But, that's just me. Well, me and most other men. ;)

Not Surprised
Not Surprised

This isn't journalism. It's a lame personal diary entry from a writer with no creativity. It's sad that the New Times must resort to filling pages with this crap.

guitar god
guitar god

Talking about Tesla always gets him hot.

Ed Fury
Ed Fury

Oddly, I once made out with Dio in the bathroom of a bar, after we had a squirt gun battle.

guitar god
guitar god

I hear that the Holy Diver is also super pissed about the new internet radio royalty hike.

Ed Fury
Ed Fury

I guess that makes sense, because Dio is also a member of a "edgy burlesque troop".

Niki D'Andrea
Niki D'Andrea

Fret not, guitargod. The next one will be about Ronnie James Dio's boobs and how they're affecting musicians' efforts to stop the genocide in Darfur.

guitar god
guitar god

You're goddamned right you won't find that kind of action in Tucson. People down there are too busy being "artists" and making "music" to have a good time. What a bunch of pussies.In all seriousness though, I think its really discouraging that with all the important things happening in the world of music these days, all this paper can think to write about is how awesome it was to get wasted at a shitty gay bar. On second thought, none of the important issues I'm thinking about have anything to do with Ronnie James Dio, so it stands to reason that Nikki would ignore them. I take back what I said. Give me more Boobies!

Ed Fury
Ed Fury

Couldn't find that kind of hot action in Tucson, I tell you that much.

guitar god
guitar god

I like hot girl on girl action as much as the next person, but this is sad. I say this for 2 reasons. First, my Friday night was WAY more interesting than the one described in this article. I got hammered ass drunk, saw some titties and lit a guitar on fire. My only regret is that my friends and I didn't think to put the fire out with squirt guns, that would have really sent things over the top.More importantly, I fail to see what this article has to do with the MUSIC scene in this shit town of ours.

Ed Fury
Ed Fury

Omar, you don't like titties and squirt guns? I found this article much more interesting than that crap about cops and tasers. Public safety? WHO CARES. GIVE ME MORE LESBIAN ANTICS!


The writing was done well on this article but unfortunately I'm left thinking "since when do blogs get city-wide print distribution?". I keep reading articles about a few people I don't know and their night on the town, in which nothing too exciting really happens. There was some interesting info in here, with good background about the "scene" but sometimes I just wonder why people would care to read about someone elses' night?

Omar Tentmaker
Omar Tentmaker

Squirt guns? Wet T's? How old is Niki anyway? 13 1/2? I guess you have to find readers where you can.

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