The Sonic Thrills

Get Up!
(Truxton Records)

A hot, fat bucket of garage, '60s soul, and rock rock rock 'n' roll that tantalizes the jaded tongue with potent drops of the Kinks, the Detroit Cobras, and the Sonics — that's right, the Sonics (why yes, it is a strangely similar name). The suavo-seductive attack formation of intense Sinatra-esque love-stare proportions assumed by the Thrills on the album cover shows they're into the "retro cool" crap — which wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't retro cool without much imagination. On one hand, the Thrills can play their asses off — Michael Johnny Walker's guitar careens, clangs and etches lewd suggestions into your forehead with laser-beam precision — and the production on Get Up! is top-notch (very clean and heavy), but don't expect any lyrical insights beyond yayuh yayuh yayuh and baybee baybee baybee. The Sonic Thrills are a garage rock bar band, albeit a shit-hot good one, which is to say they're as boring as they are exciting. Without a doubt, though, the Thrills hold their own with the Dirtbombs and all those nasty Detroit knuckle-grinders, and they're definitely better than nine-tenths of Arizona's musical wheezes.
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This has to be the worst review I've ever read. Fortunately I have seen The Sonic Thrills on several occasions where they never fail to deliver loud, raw, AMAZING live music - so I was able to see past this horribly written review. Just what is the author trying to say? Wow. This is pretty bad journalism. The New Times has gone to shit if this is what they consider a good review. Who allowed this to go to press? Seriously, I invite you all out to check the Thrills next time they play so you can understand what a ginormous tool Mr. Neff is. Really, if you want to do reviews you should have an opinion on your subject. This good/bad, best of the worst, awesome garbage shit is just sad. And your article reads like my fifth grade cousin wrote it. You suck.

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