This just proves that officers are above the law. Why should we obey the law if the very people entrusted to uphold it violate it without repercussion? Why are elected officials who are responsible for overseeing these types of issues — and responsible for ensuring the welfare of the community — doing nothing?

I am ashamed to be an Arizonan because of this, and I hope something is done in the near future to change what is becoming the set of something like L.A. Confidential.
Name withheld by request


Lessons unlearned: It's, indeed, unfortunate what a life Phil Cisneros has been through. But, fact of the matter is, he already was through the system three-plus times when he committed the DUI that he didn't show up to court for ("Death Sentence," Sarah Fenske, June 21).

Most people, with a DUI or not, know that when you get one, you will go to court for it. I would be hard-pressed to believe that he could use this same excuse if he had hit and killed someone while driving drunk.

Plain and simple, he has been dealt some very bad cards, but he didn't learn his lesson. He should be off the streets, and the only way the judicial system can guarantee that is to incarcerate him. Maybe, at his age, he should have been under house arrest.
Steve Olson, Gilbert

Menace to society: If the judge and prosecutor of Gila County want to make an example of this 83-year-old man, let them. Let them penalize the taxpaying public to the tune of $65,000 a year to pay for his medical needs and another $45,000 or more that it takes to keep him in prison. Apparently, Phil Cisneros is such a danger to the public and to himself that we must incarcerate him to make a living example of what it means to drink and drive, then run from the consequences.

Yeah, right . . . I will pull my tongue out of my cheek now.
James Von Tress, Gold Canyon

No more excuses: When are we all going to grow tired of the touchy-feely BS that makes everyone forget that criminal acts were actually committed?

Everyone has got some hard-luck story to tell. We could all make excuse after excuse. Drunken drivers have no excuse! If you drink and drive, you are a selfish bastard, to be sure, and there should be dire consequences for doing so.

The fact that Cisneros walked around for years free without paying his debt to society is but a gift he hopefully enjoyed to the fullest. I, for one, am sick to death of drunken drivers killing and maiming their fellow human beings and crying foul when locked up.
Greg Simons, Glendale

Heís not an example: During the time of his drinking, thank God that Phil Cisneros never injured or killed anyone.

Obviously, he had many issues to deal with, and his family should've made sure he got the counseling needed. Even the system let him down. Three offenses should've been mandatory counseling. Putting him behind bars serves no one. He should not be used as an example.

Yes, there should be some punishment for what he did, but probably in the form of community service.
Roxie Collins, Peoria


Feeling no pain: How dare you tell the Mothers Against Drunk Driving to "eff" themselves ("Mad at Madd," The Bird, May 31)!

Your writer obviously has not had the pain of burying a child because idiots like him think it's okay to drink and drive. You can have a nightlife without getting so drunk you can't drive.
Sandy Fehr, via the Internet


Love the Pig . . .: Love your new Booze Pig column! The dude that does it can fucking write! I love his style and his observations about these denizens of dark bars. What a job! Wish I had it, only my liver and my spouse couldn't take it. I'll live vicariously through C.M. Redding.
Lane Tinsley, via the Internet

. . . Hate the Pig: Ah, New Times! You've been promoting filth for so long that I'm always amazed when you top yourself.

In a day when drunken-driving deaths are at an all-time high, you insult us with a column by a guy who delights in getting drunk as hell in various dive bars in the Phoenix area. Your writer says he's not driving home after this, but I'm sure he's lying!

The real problem with this column is that Redding is a terrific writer, and people on the edge will read this and think getting loaded is swell. Kids will read this and want to be cool like Redding.

A newspaper is supposed to be a benefit to society, not be a drain on it. Wake up, New Times, and stop further denigrating our culture.
Tom Knutson, via the Internet


Birds of a feather: Nice work by New Times writer Ray Stern in uncovering the truth about LifeLock ("What Happened in Vegas . . .," May 31). After all the denials, Robert Maynard Jr. has apparently now resigned from the company ("Slapstick Scammers," The Bird, June 21).

What makes no sense is that although Maynard Jr. has apparently resigned, he is now going to form a "marketing company" and do the exact same work he has been doing for LifeLock as a "consultant."

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James Spellman
James Spellman

Robert Maynard is not the founder of the "Fraud Alert System". I am the original founder!! In march 2005, he found out the system from a taxi driver driving on Curry Rd as a passenger. He made a deal that if he made a profit with the "system", the taxi driver would recieve 3% of all profits. That info with him in Las Vegas and my misfortune in identity fraud is a blatant lie! I told him to use my honest misfortune as the marketing plan. He instead used the big lie and now has been stopped. Now Robert Maynard is silent and recieving 10% and has forgot to pay his friend, the Taxi Driver his 3% in "LifeLock" that is booming in 2009. Beware!! The truth will set you free Robert Maynard Jr!!! And pay me rightfully for the business idea!!


As a midwestern born and raised I recently moved here from Illinois. I am shocked at the garbage that people out here are expected to put up with as a way of showing the illegals any kind of respect at all. If they are in jail tehn damn right deny them bail - if there is any doubt that they are legal. They are in JAIL for gods sake so they already did something to get there. I for one couldnt care one tinkers damn about their rights - I was sick to my stomach when I read the "boo hoo" bullshit article on MSNBC last week about how their "hopes and dreams had been dashed" - well EXCUSE ME ??? TEHIR hopes and dreams ? WHat about americans that cant find a job due to the home depot parking lot being full of them? And give me a BREAK!! They can actually take the citizenship test in SPANISH??? And that is ok with you? Any of you? Take the damn thing in English if you are planning on living in America. And as for the poor - again BOO HOO - mexican day laborer that worked out of the Home Depot who was actually quoted on as saying that since President Bushs law was shot down that he just would have to stay one step in front of the police ! EXCUSE ME ??? He said this to a national reporter and he wasnt hauled away ? Disgusting!

True you cant tell the legals from the illegals but I know one damn thing - in corporate america the legals should be told that while tehy are in the office with mostly americans they need to knock off the spanish speaking crap. I worked in a large corporation in Illinois and we had our fair share of mexicans and others in our corporation and they never spoke spanish in the workplace. Why is it ok here ?

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