If the illegals want to march in the streets, let them go back to the country of origin and march away. They have every right to march in their own country to change the laws there that they dislike. The attempts to associate their so-called movement to the likes of the civil rights movement of the '50s and '60s is disgusting. The civil rights movement was a proud moment in our history that was fought for black American citizens. Nowhere in that did I find any mention of black illegal aliens.

If I were the editor of this paper, you would no longer be employed. To imply that all American citizens who opposed this traitorous bill are nothing more than pond scum in the ocean of life speaks volumes that you are the racist here. It was absolutely amazing to see American citizens come together for a cause that carries such importance.

Vocal? Yes, we are. Highly motivated? Absolutely. Minority? I don't think so!

I also agree that it was a breath of fresh air to see Janet Napolitano sign the legislation that will help to strengthen our southern border, as well as show the business community that we will no longer allow them to bring in cheap labor in the form of illegal aliens.
Marilyn Gover, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Enjoy your legacy, Janet: We were on our way to workable U.S. legislation aimed at fixing the immigration problem in a humane and practical way, and then the wing-nuts were allowed to yell it down. Too bad our leaders in Washington didn't have the balls to stand up to these wack-jobs and do what's right.

Then Governor Napolitano comes in — in a blatant effort to curry political favor at the expense of any morality she might once have had — and makes the situation much worse. If the Russell Pearce-Janet Napolitano bill becomes law, and it looks like it will, Napolitano will be responsible for destroying the economy of her state. What a legacy!
Ben Mancuso, Tucson


Bringing out the truth: I just wanted to say thank you for bringing the truth out in the open in "Death by Electrocutioner" (Paul Rubin, June 28). I am an ex-girlfriend of Keith Graff's and the mother of his daughter, who will never have the opportunity for Daddy to walk her down the aisle or dance with her at her wedding.

I couldn't believe that the police officers who killed Keith are still employed. But your article helped put a lot of closure on this sad event for me. There were so many things that you wrote that even I was unaware of. Thanks for bringing out how these cops were out to get Keith, not out to serve justice.

You made it possible for everyone to see what really happened that night, and that means the world to me and my daughter, Cheyenne A. Graff.
Amanda Williams, Phoenix

Judge, jury, and executioner: I just finished reading the article "Death by Electrocutioner." I have to say I am absolutely shaking with fury. I do not understand how Officers Charles Anderson and Carla Williams could have been cleared of any wrongdoing. I also do not understand how they can still be on the police force.

My ex-husband was not an angel by any means. But Keith did not deserve to be murdered. He was an immature, 24-year-old man who made some bad decisions. But now, he will never have the chance to right all his mistakes. My son and his other children will never have a chance to know their father. How will I explain his death to my son, and the fact that his murderers are walking around without any sort of punishment?

Someone needs to be held accountable for his death. There needs to be some sort of justice. Eighty-four seconds! That is an eternity. It is especially long when in agony. There is no doubt in my mind those two officers knew they were hurting him. There is no doubt in my mind that that was their intention.

I am sure if the police department stepped back and put his arrest and prison record aside they would see the same. Keith was and still is loved and mourned by many. I think we need to see officers Anderson and Williams both charged and convicted. Police officers are not, by any means, above the law. Their duty is to protect and serve; not to seek vengeance and murder.

When do police have the authority to become judge, jury, and executioner? How do we tell our children to respect and place our trust in our police officers when they seem to be the ones getting away with murder?
Kristin L. Moore, via the Internet

As corrupt as it gets: This "Death by Electrocutioner" story enrages me to no end. The Phoenix Police Department is just as corrupt as it gets. This was justified? A fucking joke!
Julian Arroyo, Surprise

One less sick person: One less tweaker is one less sick person on the street. Yes, tweakers are people, but the crimes they commit are, well, sick. They need help. If they die, they die. If they don't want help, then to hell with them.

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