They will rob, steal, and murder. Everyone knows that meth is a selfish drug. That's why they whore their own children. One less tweaker is fine with me.
James Black, Phoenix

Dumber than ever: We live in a idiotic community that's more focused on hating tweakers than in the rise in police brutality — not just regionally but nationally.

I wasn't aware that running from the police was a crime one should die for. This guy was a former soldier, for Christ's sake! But I guess he's just a tweaker now that the police killed him.

Guess I forgot how stupid Arizonans are. Just look at the issues that hit the ballots. People here are dumber than ever. Give yourselves a hand.
Nick Andrews, Phoenix

Deadly 1:24: Eighty-four seconds! Superb series. Paul Rubin clearly showed evidence in the first story that Tasers have a useful role in police work. The problem in the specific case where Keith Graff died is poor judgment and arrogance by the officers. One thing to note: Officer Anderson would have run out of bullets in that time if he had been using a gun.
Name withheld by request

Above the Constitution: I deeply enjoyed your artful presentation of the tragic death of this young man. As you detailed the police internal affairs interview — and the softball questions pitched therein — it made me think of an issue I've always wanted to see exposed: the super-constitutional rights afforded police when they're suspected of being in trouble.
James Rathburn, Hackensack, New Jersey


This time, you’ve gone too far: This is a letter in response to the recent New Times where a naked woman was on the cover being groped/cupped by another woman ("Ladies Night," Niki D'Andrea, June 28). This is the poorest, most distasteful and incredibly demeaning-to-women cover I've seen from this publication!

The objectification of women is not only proliferated within your publication by the sex and porn advertisements, but now is brought to the forefront of the magazine. The audacity of your publication (which is on every street corner), given that families, children and just people who don't care for smut will have to walk by and be subjected to such blatant exploitation of women!

New Times has really gone over the top this time. And I know this is sometimes the way you like to do things — be edgy, provocative, seemingly forward-thinking. But I tell you, this is not. This is a day and age when women are being murdered, raped, and abused. Having images like this sprawled out in plain view does not add to a woman's worth, but takes away from it.

Here's hoping you never engage in such a demeaning and disrespectful act again. Because, if you do, I and a lot of my colleagues and friends will never touch another New Times article or attend another of your parties.
Name withheld by request

Newcomer’s guide: I really enjoyed the "Ladies Night" article, and want to thank Niki D'Andrea for writing it. Sorry if it didn't appeal to the masses (a.k.a. the non-lesbian female and bisexual female communities), but I thought it was funny and provided some good insight into the bar scene.

I've lived here for about six months and really haven't been out much, but now I have an idea of where to go.
Name withheld by request

Sad action: I like hot, girl-on-girl action as much as the next person, but this is sad. My Friday night was way more interesting than the one described in this article: I got hammered-ass drunk, saw some titties, and lit a guitar on fire. My only regret is that my friends and I didn't think to put out the fire with squirt-guns, which would've really sent things over the top.
Name withheld by request

Gimme lesbian antics: I found the "Ladies Night" article much more interesting than that crap about cops and Tasers. Public safety? Who cares?! Give me more lesbian antics!
Name withheld by request

Are they really puke-worthy?: I have serious concerns about the direction of your paper's music section. More specifically, I don't understand why Niki D'Andrea is allowed to continually fill this section with stories that have nothing to do with music.

While I can reluctantly tolerate her forays into music journalism (Niki's Pick, Locals Only, and Live Wire), it's the Niki at Nite articles that make me want to puke. It seems that if she isn't telling us she's a lesbian, she's name-dropping her friends. Does she want me to think she's cool because her friends have wacky nicknames? I'm not jealous. I had friends with nicknames in third grade.

These meaningless rants about what she does in her free time mean nothing to me. This writing was fine when it was in the Night & Day section, but there should be no place for it in the music section. I don't care about Chihuahua races ("Doggy Style," May 17) or semi-pro wrestling ("Slam-o-Rama," April 17), or the non-music venues visited on Mill Avenue on a Saturday night ("Milling Around," April 4).

I've held my tongue for quite a while, but this week's "Ladies Night" issue has sent me over the edge. Not only is it hard for me to believe that you allowed this to be a feature, but that you ran it in the music section.
Dave Merenda, Phoenix

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so im a soon tobe member of NORML(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)i've been tring to get our voices heard big time. i've sent letters to numerous goverment officals here in az and at the white house of why i feel that marijuana shuold be decrimnalized in our state. there is a large amount of states(at least half) who already do so. i feel they should treat the plant like we do alcohol. its proven to be much healthier then alcohol & even cures or surpresies pain caused by alcohol it self.i know id rather smoke pot then vomit all night from beer or whatever or have the spins or blurred vison so i cant drive id rather be able to go up to circle k to get some munchies or cigs we cant do that drunk now can we?

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