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The choleric crow uncovers Rusty Childress' anti-avian plots, and kicks it with First Amendment hero/porn mogul Larry Flynt

Scheel also stated that there was a need to groom new Phoenix City Council candidates, and he mentioned that one way for prospective candidates to learn the ropes was for them to sit on various committees and boards dealing with city business.

Toward the close of the huddle, Scheel gave Maupin his card and offered to advise him and be a resource for him — mentor him, if you will. That's whether or not Maupin turns in enough signatures to end up on the ballot against Gordon.

Scheel didn't return several phone calls to his office for comment. Taylor acknowledged the meeting took place but insisted nothing untoward occurred. She admitted that committee and board positions were discussed. She also agreed that Scheel gave Maupin his card and told Maupin he could call Scheel any time.

Fred Harper

"I think it was an offer," Maupin explained to this egret. "An offer to give up the fight for integrity-filled leadership, accept an appointment or a position, and play along to get along.

"It was a very strange meeting and a very frightening meeting. You can tell a lot of decisions are made that way. It makes me wonder about every young person who has a Gordon endorsement."

Taylor responded that she doesn't know why Maupin viewed the meeting as an "offer," and said she would not be a part of a meeting like that. Maupin shot back that Taylor's the "Sally Hemings" of Phoenix politics, a reference to founding father Thomas Jefferson's slave mistress.

At the very least, this eyebrow-raiser could be viewed as proof that Goober's camp considers the 20-year-old preacher a threat to its campaign. The Bird feels Goober's pain. A standing ovation from county Dems angered at Gordon's John McCain endorsement ain't nothin' to sneeze at.

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Rusty Childress-against "homosexuals and liberals".  Now, that's over-compensating.


New Times news stand have been disapearing from locations around the city real fast now. Hmmmm could it be the lewd advertisments in the back. Not a family paper to pick up now is it? Say bye bye to the newtimes!!

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