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Now that you mention it, who did discover America?

 Dear Gabachos:
You love us, you really love us! Mere moments after the Senate allowed an amnesty bill to collapse like the peso’s value, ustedes bombarded the Mexican with typo-heavy valentines. To commemorate America’s latest amnesic spell regarding its immigrants and assimilation (previous examples include the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Immigration Reform Act of 1924, and Jessica Alba), we turn this column over to a couple of the Know Nothings in all their grammatically incorrect glory. But don’t worry, everyone with a soul: Next week, the Mexican returns to the Reconquista. Now, on with the amor:

Hey beaner: Just how many indigenous people, non-mexican, (Inca) did the mexicans kill and claim their land before the mexicans said it was theirs? I suggest the people slaughtered were in the tens of thousands. Yes you are also killers as well as moochers. Yes, I know the americans took your land during some war. You are a whiner. We slaughtered your worthless ass inreturn for you slauthering someone else. Live with it. Die with it you scum.

It's easy to deny/sell-out ones heritage, well, if you're a mexican that is. Anything to make a buck. Are you american? Of course you admit to being "latino." You're a spic. Just forget it. You are what you are. A sponge. A leach. I understand you'll say anything true or not. It's your column. But, you are so full of crap. Hey! Who discovered america?


Got a spicy question about Mexicans? Ask the Mexican at »e-mail link. Letters will be edited for clarity, cabrones — unless you’re a racist pendejo. And include a hilarious pseudonym, por favor, or we’ll make one up for you!

The AMERICAN people have spoken. We won't be told what to do by people from another country who don't even allow demonstrations in their own streets unless you are a national! Did you know that? Could you imagine an American in Mexico writing for a newspaper with a column called "ask an American? He would probably be assasinated. Kiss the ground and thank God that you're an American!!

I guess its true when they say the good guys always win in the end. Now that this bill has been beat, you can forget about this ever coming up again. EVER! In politics, you lose once, you're finished. Nobody wants to back a loser, ie you and your cronies. I've yet to meet a mexican who can think CLEARLY through the issue. You guys are all the same — biased, selfish, entitled and looking to subvert America. None of you have ever even presented a cogent argument as to how amnesty can even benefit America! And if you truly believe amnesty is good for America, feel free to take your argument to [conservative talk radio]! But you won't, because you know you'll get your ass kicked around because . . . the good guys always win in the end!

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. You + illegal aliens: 0. America: 20. What's next in Congress? Shutting the borders down for good and starving illegal mexicans out of America.

fukinidiot: Amnesty bill.Sorry better luck next time . . . if there is one. U.S.A !U.S.A! HA..HA..!

You just want to whine about how bad you have it. Go Home!

What are mesicans going to do now since the immigration bill failed? You will have more time to spray graffiti, yes? More time to rob, yes? More time to gangbang, yes?

Looks like the Senate bill died. Good . . . just the way I like it . . . it keeps you cockroaches as our little slave workers. Now go and clean some toilets you little brown animal.

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You could cut the racist tone of this piece with a knife! I'm against racism, especially regarding the illegal immigration issue. (That's the only trump card they have to use, but they do it to get the opposition off the track.) And "the track" is that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ISSUE is a LEGAL ISSUE. Hispanics, like every other race on the planet, are our brothers and sisters, but if they are here in America illegally, they ought to be deported. Presently, our country deems them felons, but because it feeds off their (the Hispanic's), but primarily its own GREED, our country looks the other way as these third world people invade our country. Because of this lax, and lawless attitude we are already witnessing the balkanization of America. Not a good thing, to say the least. This horribly racist piece makes that plain enough. Just another benefit of not following the law. Anyway, if Bush and Ted Kennedy think the amnesty bill is a good thing to push through, right then--I know it's a bad idea!


Wow, some people just can't help showing there ignorance. It's not even ignorance anymore it's just hate. I am dumbfounded and at a loss for words for the assinine comments posted in this article. It's just easier to hide behind a computer or a letter rather than to be vocal in person. I am far from being a bible thumper, but when I read and incounter ignorance like that of the person who wrote the article I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer. Sad thing is even though I am reminded of that prayer, I find my self also thinking "I wish this person would get to experiance the suffering and know the desperation of all those people who leave their countries to find a better life and the reasons they do it." I know that is not nice to wish on anyone, but maybe they would then find compassion and understanding. Some people just abuse the privelages that we have in this country, like those that allow us to voice our opinions no matter how stupid they maybe, and others are dying to get to this country in hopes to experiance what we all to often take for granted.

Cathy De La Rosa
Cathy De La Rosa

You know, a lot of those comments that you posted from those against the amnesty bill sound pretty racist. I'm sure that's only obvious though.

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