Letters From the Issue of Thursday, July 19, 2007


A vampireís on the line: I couldn't stop reading Michele Laudig's "The Wheel World" (July 5). I haven't seen the Comedy Central show yet, but I can't wait. I love stories about people who follow their dreams and wind up cashing in.

You know why? Because that almost never happens, and we all want to believe that our particular dream has a ghost of a chance! Also because this show sounds really funny. I love Flight of the Conchords and Da Ali G Show because they are so fucking wrong, and this one seems to go a step further.

You've had two stories on Phoenix-area people who have made it big in the entertainment business in the past few issues. The story on vampire author Stephenie Meyer ("Charmed," Megan Irwin, July 12) was also interesting, in that she came upon the idea for her novels in a dream.

But I think Meyer sells herself short; few of us could turn even such an inspiring dream into a series of successful books. She must have possessed genius all along.

I've been working on a music career for a while now, and I was thinking of giving up, like Sam Greene was about his Hollywood career, but now I'm going to give it a little more time. Maybe I'll wake up one morning with an idea for a hit single, I'll pitch it to a record company, and, someday, I'll get that phone call from some music business bloodsucker.
Rod Matthews, Las Vegas

Not just for the kids: Fascinating story on Stephenie Meyer. She's truly a literary genius on the level of J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame. I've loved all of Rowling's books, and I've loved Meyer's — and I'm pushing 60, not 16. My point is, neither of these authors is just for the kids.
Claudia Wilson, San Diego


Whatís wrong with Nazis, anyhoo?: You want to know who's the real racist around here? It's Stephen Lemons, because he's prejudiced against white people who haven't been to school much and want to stand up for their own kind. His hatred of us was obvious in his latest article ("Rusty's World," The Bird, July 12).

Lemons is a potty-mouth who believes that calling us names will keep us from hating Mexicans. Well, he's wrong! We will continue hating Mexicans as long as they keep coming to our country and doing criminal activity. We all know that all these animals want to do is take over our country.

Someday, everybody will see that J.T. Ready, Rusty Childress, Buffalo Rick Galeener and State Representative Russell Pearce were patriots trying to keep America for Americans. The Bird keeps bringing up that J.T. is a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi, but what's wrong with that? If we hadn't let the so-called African-Americans get out of hand, we wouldn't be having this Mexican problem now.

I demand that you fire Stephen Lemons for being a traitor to this country, for hating his own kind and for spreading filth for even Christian children to read! He can't write without using dirty words. If you don't, I'm going to tell all your advertisers that he's a racist, and they won't advertise in your filthy rag anymore! Then, you'll go out of business!

Because I've attended a Rusty Childress meeting at his Kia dealership, my own kid considers me a racist. How can I be a racist when all I want to do is make sure the white race gets the breaks it deserves in its own damn country? I ask you that! Young people just don't get it.

If I ever see tub-of-lard Lemons on the street again at an anti-illegal-immigration rally, he'd better move over to the other side, because what he's written in The Bird about the patriots mentioned above (he even called Buffalo Rick a "Buffalo chip") are fightin' words!
Betty Ruth Jones, Phoenix

"Patriots," my ass!: Who the fuck do these lazy, gap-toothed [anti-Mexican-immigration] morons think they are to call themselves "patriots"? Go back to high school and get your GEDs, you pathetic, jobless shit-kickers.
Name withheld by request

Um, invective is a noun: Stephen Lemons is bigot, a hack, and a hypocrite. Please stop printing such rank, invective drivel.
Name withheld by request

Who says we donít?: To the person who wrote "Redneck Touchdown" (The Bird, July 5): If you have to label someone, like you've done in this article, you're prejudging people (i.e., prejudice) and are real close to be a racist.

And it's people like you who ruin this country. We do not want you here, either!

To people like you, it's okay to support: economic invaders (who steal jobs from legal citizens), trespassers, tax evaders, people who harbor criminals and overloading our health care system.

Hey, why not support your local crack whore or pimp or junkie? I'm real surprised that a cool paper like New Times allows the writer of The Bird to have a job!

The people are tired of politics, Rape-publicans and Demon-crats. Just give me a law-abiding American that's not in a corporation's pocket.
Name withheld by request

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I was wondering if any of you who commented on the Rusty story and the redneck story have a clue what is going on?!READ, history of the U.S. and different Interpretations of American History. These illeagel immigrants you are talking about is you. And as a white,30 something, Phoenix,Az.born citizen of this devided states,you shame yourselves wich in turn shames me. We murdered innocent peoples and families who lived here long before we decided England was to "Imperialistic" for us. If you were speaking the "Native Language" it would be Apache, Navajo, Sioux,Blackfoot,and guess what, Spanish. Not the slang,twisted version of a Latin based english. What you should be upset about is the crusty old white aristocrats running your "AMERICAN DREAM"right up your ass while they divert the attention of your pain on some people that are only doing what you would do given the same situation. If you really want to see Immigration stop, force our countrys advisors and political heads to stop supporting the Mexican Gov't by shipping our companys and jobs right to their doorstep. Force the Mexican Govt' to establish an infastructure for its people and they wouldnt come if we paid them. While the WHITE, FILTHY rich,old crusty men take you for EVERYTHING you claim your trying to protect and while your out there doing exactly what they want you to do they are raping your white grandmothers of their right to health care, they are robbing your children of an education,they have tarnished YOUR rreputation to the world and your complaining about immigrants you stupid immigrant!If you want to be so white go back to where your people came from and you should be tickeled brown, oh I mean pink!Why dont you join the military and go kill brown people, men, women and children, to your hearts dark little desire!! COME ON< SHOW YOUR PATRIOTISM!!!!


Read my 1st New Times in a couple years. Was looking for the Red Meat comic specifically but was sad to find it missing. Read Rusty's column, very unobjective. No agenda there. What kind of loser needs to constantly speak in the third person and reference himself with bird adjectives? Thank God your paper is free.

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