Allman Joy

Like father, like son. Not.

When it stands alone, Honeytribe sounds like the name of any forgettable jam band playing in Your Town on a Sunday night. But stick the words "Devon Allman's" in front and suddenly there's cause for a plug. And though Devon Allman is a minor satellite in the Allman-centric Southern-rock universe, he is, nonetheless, progeny of rock royalty.

The firstborn son of Gregg Allman, singer/guitarist Devon has been touring relentlessly with his St. Louis-based quartet for the better part of this decade. You won't be surprised to know that Devon sings and sounds a bit like Dad and, though no one will mistake him for Uncle Duane, he's no slouch on guitar. Honeytribe sounds exactly like the name would indicate -- smooth, warm, easy, comfortable, accessible -- and prefers a sunnier, jammier Santana vibe to the Southern-rock boogie 'n' blues that Pop and Duane used to make. Since the latest incarnation of the Allman Brothers Band isn't due to hit the Valley anytime soon, fans craving a taste of Allman could certainly do worse.

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