The Dong Show

The vice is right at Giligin's

Good taste ain’t welcome at Giligin’s. Neither is decorum, nor political correctness, for that matter. For proof, look no further than the naughty nightspot’s newest bar game, Dildo Plinko. As the name implies, this titillating take on the popular contest from The Price Is Right has patrons dropping differently colored vibrators and other phallic novelties down a 10-foot-high pegboard for such prizes as condoms, douches, or Giligin’s gift certificates. The kooky contest is hosted by Chef Joe, with the ever-outrageous Chuey the Rock ´n' Roll Midget serving up both snarky comments and alcoholic concoctions from his fully functional midget-sized mini-bar. “It’s a fucked-up game we thought of while getting drunk at 6 a.m. one morning,” says the lewd Lilliputian. “We’re always trying to push things as far as we can.”
Thursdays, 9:30 p.m., 2007
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Bob Newart
Bob Newart

This Giligins bar smells. The bathroom usually has vomit in it after 8pm and the food is all deep fried in oil that I do not think has been changed since the 80's. If you are over 18 this is not the place for you. The brother of the owner openly tells people that he is married to a male prostitute in Thailand, and if you saw him you would understand that this is the only way he could ever get laid... Over all, a total dump... why is it still open.

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