Letters From the Issue of Thursday, August 9, 2007


Try living in the Windy City: I completely disagree with your assessment of Phoenix being America's "worst-designed" major city ("The Big Cheesy," Sarah Fenske, August 2). I lived in Chicago for nearly 35 years before coming out to Phoenix three years ago. There's no comparison between Phoenix and Chicago.

Phoenix's roads, on average, are in far better shape than Chicago's. The grid design that Phoenix has is far easier to navigate versus the mish-mash of roads twisting through Chicago. Phoenix, and for that matter, Arizona have no toll roads, and Illinois has loads of them.

Yes, Phoenix has some faults, but it sounds like you need to go live in Chicago for a while (and probably many other cities) to fully appreciate what we have here.
Phil Cacioppo, Phoenix


Safety first, Deputy: Sarah Fenske was correct to call the Maricopa County sheriff's deputy involved in a fatal collision to task ("Immigrant Song," July 26). It's true that the illegal immigrant, who was throwing beer bottles out of his car and ran into the deputy's car was the one at fault for killing the mother of six, but the deputy should've known better than to engage with this guy. Arguably, if he hadn't, this terrible tragedy would've never occurred.

When the deputy made the U-turn and cut off another driver to get into the turn lane, he was putting others in harm's way. Why did he continue to chase this guy? If he hadn't, the Mexican dude would've never hit him again, thus knocking him into the mother's car and killing her.

As we could see from the police chase that killed the two TV photographers and their pilots, police chases often come to no good. Why endanger others, when all a driver is doing is throwing bottles out a window or, in the case of the chase that led to the fatal helicopter accident, fleeing in a stolen vehicle?

But the bigger point in all this is the mania to blame every tragedy on illegal immigration. Sure, illegal immigrants commit crimes, but most crimes are still committed by U.S. citizens. Fenske's point is correct that it's just not that simple. Bad people commit crimes, and they come in all races, creeds, and colors. It's time to get a grip and stop demonizing Mexicans for every problem.
K.C. Conner, Phoenix

Off with his badge: What Sarah Fenske wrote about was just another police chase gone bad. That sheriff's deputy had no business driving recklessly to try to apprehend that drunken Latino. The cop only did it, in my opinion, because he was pissed off. The police dispatcher had to tell him twice to stop yelling!

It's not surprising that a guy who works for Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be such a hothead, I guess, but aren't cops supposed to stay cool under such circumstances? That guy should lose his badge over this.
Kattie Taylor, Phoenix

Blurred distinctions: Your comments were shocking in their support for a coke-snorting, psychotic, murdering excuse for a life form and his denigration of anyone in a position of authority.

I realize you hippies are busy "fighting the man," but, most of the time, it's because "the man" was your dad. I field-tested this at my extremely hippie alma mater, Evergreen State College in Washington. Why are the ultra-hippies always from the upper class? In any case, you have some serious spoiled-brat issues if you can't see how evil your comments are.

First, why blur the distinction between illegal and legal immigrant? Do you ever see a distinction between someone who commits a crime and someone who doesn't?

You call Guadalupe Perez-Bojorquez a "Mexican national" who admits to being in this country illegally and then you say that Nanuma Lavulavu was also an immigrant as if they were in the same boat together. Was she here illegally? Was she a coke-snorting psychopath? These two people are so vastly different from each other that it's impossible, using logic, to relate the two. In fact, Perez-Bojorquez is so vastly different from almost all humans that his humanity is seriously in question.

As far as "sticking it to the man," how can you say something like this and sleep at night: "But I'm also convinced of this: Nanuma Lavulavu's death could have been prevented if only the sheriff's deputy who hit her was a better driver."

So it's the deputy's fault?! Oh, my God!

Do you have any evidence of Deputy Kinnett's negligence? Unless you are an expert on police department procedure and/or the tactics used in high-speed chases, you certainly can't call this evidence.

Oh, in case you'd like to call me racist: I'm Hispanic. My father is a legal immigrant from Brazil.
Manuel Vieira Gomes, Buena Park, California

Crime is colorblind: Okay, we hate criminals. They should pay for their crimes. But that crime has nothing to do with legal status. It deals with the fact that if you are a criminal, you will be evil's instrument.

Three days ago, two men invaded a home in a quiet neighborhood and killed a woman and her two daughters. When I read comments about it, I found people asking themselves whether the suspects were illegal aliens. Turns out two white men assaulted, raped, and killed the innocent white woman. These criminals were born here.

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