Muggle Mania

Harry Potter-inspired folk band rocks louder than a Howler

Of all the subcultures that sprang forth from within the Harry Potter universe, wizard rock is by far our favorite. A constellation of slightly punk, totally bookish bands with names like Draco and the Malfoys, Harry and the Potters, and Owl Post, the genre features adorable fan boys and girls wailing about witches and Quidditch, all in appropriately trendy school-uniform garb and all united by their uncanny ability to organize. (Seriously, in addition to the extensive Wizrocklopedia, the speed at which wizard rock festivals are thrown together is striking.)

Age seems to be no matter, either. For example, The Hungarian Horntails are fronted by some 8-and 9-year olds. Their debut album, Burn Voldemort's Butt, is pretty much what you'd expect: second graders with guitars.

Named for Harry's former disheveled werewolf professor, The Remus Lupins offer a slightly more mature take on adolescence (is this possible?), and they're among the more talented and rehearsed of the bunch, partly because L.A.-based frontman Alexander Carpenter's songs are catchy enough to warrant repeated listens.

Tue., Aug. 21, 8 p.m.
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