Grand Wizard Arpaio

The plumed penman denounces Sheriff Joe's shenanigans, and chats with transgendered rocker Genesis P-Orridge about her gig at Anderson's

The band's frontperson, Genesis P-Orridge, is currently engaged in an art project whereby s/he and life-partner Lady Jaye Breyer will exchange sexual identities until the point that they together become a third entity, "Genesis Breyer P-Orridge." Nutty.

P-Orridge has had breast implants and other body modifications, but no tallywacker-wacking. And, oh, s/he does use the ladies' loo.

"I can assure Mr. Anderson that I do sit down to pee," cracked P-Orridge on the phone from NYC, referring to club owner Tom Anderson. P-Orridge told this titmouse that the female bog is a lot more welcoming to trans folk, and that s/he regards peeing standing up, whether by men or women, as barbaric.

As explained in an earlier column ("Tranny Tweeter," August 16) the whole brouhaha has to do with customer complaints that gender-bending activist Michele de LaFreniere and her tranny pals were allegedly flaunting their still-maleness, peeing upright in the ladies' room at Anderson's, and so were barred from the normally square nightclub.

Club owner Anderson was clueless about Psychic TV when asked, and had no idea P-Orridge is trans. Still, he said that fact doesn't bother him.

"I'm sure some of the customers will be transgender in nature," he said. "So we'll have to use some special arrangements to get through that show. I'll have to have security for the men's room, and they'll have to use the men's room."

P-Orridge gets to use Anderson's personal crapper, of course. The whole thing reminds this beak-bearer of a quote from the film Trainspotting, uttered by Ewan MacGregor's character Mark "Rent Boy" Renton:

"In a thousand years, there will be no men and women. Just wankers. And that's fine by me."

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Michael Varvel
Michael Varvel

Recently the Maricopa County Sherrifs office violated federal law by using voided, stamped envelopes to return mail to its sender in violation of federal law. My sister had sent a money order to be put on the books of her son who is recently incarcerated in Joe's jail. She received the same envelope back marked as return to sender, and inside the envelope was the receipt for the money in order to be put on her son's books. This is a complete and total violation of federal laws regarding postal larceny. I fully believe that this needs to be followed up on because this is more than a normal practice than just an aberration. Once more are good sheriff is violating the law in the operation and daily running of his jails. Michael varvel, 623-229-5701. You may call me at any time and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

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