Saved by The BellRays

You better think -- think think -- before you skip this rock ´n' soul band

Just when you thought the only music coming out of Southern California was made by dolled-up teen-screen queens between stints at pricey Malibu rehab facilities, The BellRays arrive with their energetic mix of guitar-centric Motown garage punk. Lead singer Lisa Kekuala, who's part Aretha, Kelis, and Patti Smith (think punk-rock soul for the thinkin' man), sports a wicked set of pipes and the stage presence to boot. And just like the good old days when bands had guitars and members who could play them, The BellRays are a reminder that live music still matters. The Necronauts share the bill.
Fri., Aug. 31, 9 p.m.
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