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The querulous quail decries the deportation of an 18-year-old Hispanic student and sings the praises of good graffiti

What's the point of all this? Lory's going to lose, big time, and if people remember him, they'll recall his desperate swing to the radical right in the hope of scoring a pitiful few more votes.

As the mayoral race draws to a close, all this Goober-phobic goose can say is that douche Lory is beginning to make that merde sandwich look edible by comparison.


Stephen Lemons

Sanctuary city, this sweet skylark's caboose! Tell it to 18-year-old Virginia Gutierrez, an honors graduate from North High School who was pulled over by Phoenix po-po August 11 for a routine traffic stop — and found herself deported to Nogales, Mexico in less than a week.

Gutierrez matriculated this May with a couple of small scholarships under her belt to help her attend ASU, her friends and former teachers told this wild turkey. Pals say she was stopped for a busted taillight. Whatever the reason for the stop, police spokeswoman Stacie Derge says Gutierrez's vehicle was impounded because she didn't have a driver's license. Gutierrez later requested a hearing to get the car back, went to police HQ downtown, and was popped for presenting a fake Mexican license from Chihuahua, Mexico. Specifically, she was arrested for forgery and booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail later that day.

Because of Prop 100, which was passed in '06 and seeks to deny bail to illegal aliens for serious offenses, Phoenix PD has to answer two questions regarding someone it's booking: whether the alleged offense is a Class 4 felony or above; and whether the person has entered or remained in the United States illegally. According to ICE flack Vinnie Picard, Gutierrez was ID'd as an illegal while being booked into jail by Phoenix police.

Now does that sound like Steve Lory's so-called sanctuary city to you?!

In any case, ICE was notified of Gutierrez. They prevailed upon her to sign voluntary deportation paperwork, even though, according to Picard, she could've fought deportation and not gone voluntarily. Picard claimed that agreeing to a voluntary deportation is common because if you take the one-way bus trek to the border, you retain the right to apply to return. But if you contest deportation, and face an official order of removal, you may not be able to return to the United States for a decade.

Despite the fact that, according to her friends, she'd been in this country since she was a toddler, Gutierrez signed off on voluntary deportation and was on a bus to Nogales on August 16.

"She was afraid to be in that jail," one friend who wished to remain anonymous told this tweeter. "She just wanted to get out of there."

Seems her 'rents weren't able to see her 'cause of the fact that they're undocumented. See, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a policy of barring (and possibly arresting) illegals who stop by his jails for visits, even if they are parents wanting to see their children.

It's unclear if she had legal representation. Local immigrants-rights activist Lydia Hernandez was attempting to advise her. She believes Gutierrez made a mistake in signing the voluntary deportation.

Folks like Lory, Russell Pearce, and Rusty Childress would likely say, "Don't let the knob hit you on the way out, Ginny." They insist kids like Virginia have to "obey the law" even if the law is fucked, even if such promising teens have lived in the AZ almost all their lives, and even if they might have made a significant contribution to American society — particularly if they'd been offered a path to residency or citizenship, through a proposed piece of legislation like the DREAM Act.

No, Virginia, you can't stay. But redneck peckerwoods like Pearce, Childress, et al.? We're stuck with 'em for life! All 'cause the dillweeds just happen to have been born here.


This beak-bearer's blogging brother-in-wings, Feathered Bastard, loves riffin' on graffiti and often posts images of this urban art form, hoping to see more and better street art in a city where most public art bites javelina 'nads. See, this cuckoo canary's from L.A. (most recently), and writing on walls, stencils, murals, and colorful "pieces" (large, stylized works; not just tags) make him hanker after his old digs in Hollyweird.

Plus, let's be honest. In P-town, where there's this vast, sprawling sameness, graffiti livens up the joint, even when it's illegal. Folks squawk about vandalism and urban blight, but as any finch can see while flying around downtown, most of this burg's blight's caused by this city's need to mindlessly tear down, rebuild, and tear down again. Look at all the crap being done downtown for light rail. Maybe it'll all be good in the end but, in the meantime, much of downtown looks like one, big, gnarly bunghole.

Along comes KTAR's Darrell Ankarlo who wanted to tear this thrush a new one on the issue. His argument? It's illegal, dodo! (Hmmm, where's this warbler heard that one before?) Ankarlo invited this hummingbird on to respond. KTAR's wanna-be Bill O’Reilly cited recent vandalism of school buses in Scottsdale. The Bird rightly pointed out those perp-twerps weren't exactly graffiti artists. Mainly what they did was bang in some windows.

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I find it funny how you call people racist, but yet you have not even educated yourself on a true racist and what it means. I guess that goes to show how the education system has failed us. Look at the list of people attending the American Freedom Riders event on the 8th. They consist of people form every race and back ground. The only thing they have in common is that they are tired of the messed up immigration system and they are Americans. How can you call them racist? Is it because they are against something or don�t believe in something? Hell, than that means everyone is a racist because everyone is against something. I think people need to take the time to see the whole picture, not just the uneducated world picture they see. I am tired of reporters; let me rephrase that because Lemons is not a true reporter. I am tired of wannabe comic book characters, trying to make themselves look like journalist by writing stories that they don�t even have the correct facts on. Than they use steps, close to extortion, to try to prevent someone from standing up for what they believe in if it is something he doesn�t feel is right. Everyone wants their first amendment right, but some people think if it is not what they believe in, than they must slander and harass them until they back down. But hey, I guess that�s why some people are stuck writing articles in papers like this. Now I am ROTFL because this has been one of the best falsified stories I have read in a long time. Maybe the New Times should go to black and white and sell their paper in the grocery store isle with the rest of the alien sightings and werewolf people. Who are you going to vote for Lemons? Seeing how all you do is hate.


Bird, why don't we expose the hypocrite/racist and x-KTAR DJ Kid. He is now on a Hip Hop station swearing up and down that he's for the community. Although just months ago he was cracking jokes with fellow listeners about the very same community. The majority if not all of his listeners are unaware of his very recent past. Also, before KTAR 92.3 he was fired from 104.7 for talking trash about the hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. That's an issue worth mentioning I believe.


The American Freedom Riders kicked out their co-founder? Thanks for the press release. Rusty was too extreme for the extremists! ROTFL!!!!!! These racist dirtbags are a million laughs.


First, it just goes to show how someone like yourself (Lemons) has no real clue to what you�re writing about, I mean you think Graffiti is Art and raises property value. The American freedom riders have nothing to do Rusty Childress and actually removed him from the group a year ago when he was found to have some extreme radical ideas and actually had illegal aliens working on his car lot. You have the whole thing flipped, but I guess I am glad to know you don�t represent the majority of the voters in this state, as your views are a little left field. But that�s why we have entertainment magazines like this and why you will never write for anything with any real recognition. Please try to get your facts straight before you go after someone or something, because I know you don�t want people putting the truth about you out there

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