Smell Test

The querulous quail decries the deportation of an 18-year-old Hispanic student and sings the praises of good graffiti

This mockingbird, rather, was championing PHX street artists such as El Mac, whose work recalls at times Andy Warhol, Hans Holbein, Raphael, and Rubens. His work in town is all legal these days and, thus, likely to last longer. He travels the world, has had art shows all over, and was recently honored by New Times' sister rag LA Weekly with a cover shot of one of his collaborations with another artist.

There are other great artists in town, like the poster artist Resist, or the whole crew of writers who've laid down some freakin' amazing work on a long legal wall that encircles Miranda’s Custom Cars, at Central and Grant.

Even Ankarlo seemed to agree that the city needs more legal walls. But he and callers croaked that the illegal stuff was a no-go. This worm-wrangler disagreed. Take the S.O.S. crew, which has hit up abandoned buildings that've since been torn down, or those ugly fuchsia Dumpsters that are parked all over central Phoenix. This hurts people how?

Stephen Lemons

"I remember you did a piece on the cameras that Scottsdale was using on the freeway, and you admitted that you speed," this cockatoo reminded Ankarlo. "Now I would gather that more people die from speeding than creating graffiti. So you can argue about the legality of it, but I'd say what you were talking about can create a fatality, whereas graffiti cannot."

KTAR has a link to the verbal karate match here: Ankarlo and some callers got in a lick or two, but this lapwing held his own. So what if the city has to buff some spots to rid itself of unwanted tags? If out of all the dross emerges one great street artist, like a Basquiat, a Keith Haring, or a Banksy, it's worth it.

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I find it funny how you call people racist, but yet you have not even educated yourself on a true racist and what it means. I guess that goes to show how the education system has failed us. Look at the list of people attending the American Freedom Riders event on the 8th. They consist of people form every race and back ground. The only thing they have in common is that they are tired of the messed up immigration system and they are Americans. How can you call them racist? Is it because they are against something or don�t believe in something? Hell, than that means everyone is a racist because everyone is against something. I think people need to take the time to see the whole picture, not just the uneducated world picture they see. I am tired of reporters; let me rephrase that because Lemons is not a true reporter. I am tired of wannabe comic book characters, trying to make themselves look like journalist by writing stories that they don�t even have the correct facts on. Than they use steps, close to extortion, to try to prevent someone from standing up for what they believe in if it is something he doesn�t feel is right. Everyone wants their first amendment right, but some people think if it is not what they believe in, than they must slander and harass them until they back down. But hey, I guess that�s why some people are stuck writing articles in papers like this. Now I am ROTFL because this has been one of the best falsified stories I have read in a long time. Maybe the New Times should go to black and white and sell their paper in the grocery store isle with the rest of the alien sightings and werewolf people. Who are you going to vote for Lemons? Seeing how all you do is hate.


Bird, why don't we expose the hypocrite/racist and x-KTAR DJ Kid. He is now on a Hip Hop station swearing up and down that he's for the community. Although just months ago he was cracking jokes with fellow listeners about the very same community. The majority if not all of his listeners are unaware of his very recent past. Also, before KTAR 92.3 he was fired from 104.7 for talking trash about the hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. That's an issue worth mentioning I believe.


The American Freedom Riders kicked out their co-founder? Thanks for the press release. Rusty was too extreme for the extremists! ROTFL!!!!!! These racist dirtbags are a million laughs.


First, it just goes to show how someone like yourself (Lemons) has no real clue to what you�re writing about, I mean you think Graffiti is Art and raises property value. The American freedom riders have nothing to do Rusty Childress and actually removed him from the group a year ago when he was found to have some extreme radical ideas and actually had illegal aliens working on his car lot. You have the whole thing flipped, but I guess I am glad to know you don�t represent the majority of the voters in this state, as your views are a little left field. But that�s why we have entertainment magazines like this and why you will never write for anything with any real recognition. Please try to get your facts straight before you go after someone or something, because I know you don�t want people putting the truth about you out there

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