Letters From the Issue of Thursday, September 6, 2007


But she’s a contributor: It was sad to read about young Virginia Gutierrez being deported to Mexico ("No, Virginia," The Bird, August 30). She's obviously someone we want to keep here — an honor student — yet there doesn't appear to be deportation leeway with the law when it comes to students from Mexico who have been living here in Arizona and going to school for many years. This is where Rusty Childress and his friends come in and say, "But she's illegal!" My reply is that Virginia is getting a degree and will be contributing to our economy in the U.S. with a good job when she completes college.
Gwynne Hamilton, Phoenix


It’s called murder, people!: I was amazed and absolutely appalled by the article on Jana Van Voorhis ("Death Wish," Paul Rubin, August 23). I have to ask, where is our government and the mental health care system to help individuals in her state of mind? When I say state of mind, I mean depressed, delusional, and incapable. You have a company marketing themselves as Final Exit? Assisted suicide? You have got to be kidding me! It's called murder, people! Final Exit is preying on people with limited mental capacity, yet allowing them to make a decision on whether they live or die! Jana lived her entire life mentally ill. Did they not check her medical history? My heart goes out to her family for such a tragic loss for a very loved woman. Final Exit needs to make theirs!
Linda C. Campbell, Tempe


Golly, Marty, we’re blushing: I want to first say that I thoroughly enjoyed your recent article showcasing Berkana Townhomes ("Location, Location, Location," Robrt L. Pela, August 23). Actually, I couldn't care less about that particular property. I am simply excited to learn that you will be writing a regular column, Surreal Estate, about Phoenix architecture and land use.

After being a regular Westword reader during my two decades in Denver, I naturally started reading New Times when I moved here two years ago. Michele Laudig's Cafe column has helped me discover dozens of restaurants and neighborhoods in that time. Though I don't frequent dive bars, I am also thoroughly entertained by C.M. Redding's column, Booze Pig. Oh, and that comprehensive article last month about the Sunnyslope neighborhood ("Sunnyslopetopia," Robrt L. Pela, July 26) opened my eyes to yet another corner of the Valley.

Thanks again for enriching my Phoenix experience. Keep up the great work!
Martin Marlow, Phoenix

Try taking Marty’s approach — read Cafe: I loved your article on the "uninspired architecture" of Phoenix. I also have lived here my whole life, 30 years, and I have always been proud of the growth of the city. However, the growth is absolutely unattractive. It seems that Phoenix needs to hire some professional city planners to make it a better looking city in 20 years. Another topic you might want to look at, if you haven't already, is the malls that are popping up all over the Valley. It seems like the exact stores at each mall: Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Red Robin, Applebee's, Olive Garden, etc. It is hard to find a non-chain restaurant to eat at in Phoenix.
Chris Arenson, Phoenix

Bombs away!: Thank you so much for your new column! Talk about a fertile source of inspiration. Good old kitschy Phoenix! I really must turn you on to my absolute least favorite piece of architecture in town. If Disney's Imagineers were on crack, they couldn't have done worse than the monstrosity on the northwest corner of Central and Palm Lane. Someone with good taste should call in an air strike on this locale. Chateaux on Central? Gimme a break!
Michael McNally, Phoenix

Yes, you are a snob: I just read your piece and loved it. My wife and I are new here. We moved one year ago from the Pacific Northwest. The majority of my family is from Portland, Seattle, and Spokane — all very cool towns for diverse architecture.

So . . . what a town (Phoenix)! I try hard. Real hard! I want to like this place, but my God, it's so ugly. I really have tried to be open-minded but, man, I swear I do not get the style here. It's either this Tuscan overstuffed look or just plain ugly. So, yes, I have accepted after a year that I am a snob. My wife and I are on a three-year plan here, then it's . . . get the hell back to the Northwest. Before I go, I want to write and publish a book on Phoenix's "tacky architecture." There is so much!

I hate to sound like such a bummer, but when I read your story, I had to respond. It's like someone gets it!
Justin Smiley, Phoenix


Troubling, isn’t it?: I had to grimace as I read Sarah Fenske's exposé of Laura Pastor's campaign for Phoenix City Council representing District 7. ("Daddy's Little Girl", August 23). As a resident of District 7, I was pretty sure that Ms. Pastor was not qualified to assume our City Council seat, especially when compared with the other three candidates, but I wasn't aware of the depth of skullduggery attached to her quest for this seat.

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melanie rowan
melanie rowan

Hello,I watched the news last night and saw that the Chandler Officer was arrested for the death of the K-9. Does Sheriff Joe really think the man woke up that day and said Gee, I think I will kill my dog today. In today's society, we are rushed, stressed, pulled in many different directions.IS this tragic, most certainly. When a child drowns are we going to arrest the parents? Joe, have you ever made a mistake or are you perfect? SHAME ON you . The officer is a police officer not a robot. NO ONE IS PERFECT NOT EVEN THE SHERIFF. Why don't you go to Rabies Animal control(either location) go to the back where they process the animals and watch how they handle them. I have always voted for the sheriff even though sometimes he steps over the line. Please extend my apologies to this officer and his family. I am a resident of Chandler and appreciate his hard work, dedication and putting his life on the line. COME ON people? death threats over the K-9 death? It was an accident . ANy of you get forgetful or busy and do something careless? thanks, Melaniet

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