Nevertheless, Congressman Ed Pastor is so venerated here in District 7 that any candidate with the surname Pastor (whether related to the congressman or not) will be the hands-down winner. Even if Fenske's article (reporting the inexperience, nepotism, and malfeasance associated with Laura Pastor's campaign) was required reading for every voter in District 7, they would still vote for her — especially when they read the part about her actually being related to the congressman.

I feel sorry for the other District 7 candidates in their futile attempt to overcome the Pastor juggernaut. But my real lament in all of this is that Laura Pastor's city council seat will be just a stepping-stone to her daddy's congressional seat when he decides to retire.
Steve Sanders, Phoenix

Knocking out the lightweight: Congratulations on a well-written piece about Laura Pastor, her father, and their well-connected friends. I have followed the District 7 race very closely, reading and attending debates. The conclusion I have reached is that Laura Pastor is a political lightweight who has not exhibited any sign of leadership or vision for our district or for our city. Yet (surprise, surprise) she has raised far more money then the other distinguished (and better-qualified) candidates.

I recently received a recorded message phone call from Mayor Gordon asking that I support Laura Pastor. I cannot believe that an intelligent man like the mayor can seriously believe that Ms. Pastor is the best-qualified candidate for District 7 council representation. I can believe, however, that the mayor — and many other office-holders — believes that their support of Ms. Pastor will pay off sometime in the future with help from the congressman. What a shame!
Neil Schneider, Phoenix


Its not a restroom issue: Regarding columnist Stephen Lemons' continuing campaign of hate against a harmless minority ("Tranny Tweeter," The Bird, August 16), club owner Tom Anderson's refusal to cooperate with the Arizona Attorney General's investigation into charges of gender discrimination demonstrates he's aware the charges are serious and have merit.

The Arizona Transgender Alliance is confident this will send a message to the greater Arizona business community that they are not entitled to discriminate against the transgendered.

There was only one transsexual who used the larger women's restroom at Anderson's. It was only on one night. Every single incident that Anderson claims as a basis for banning the entire transgender community was done by one person on one night.

This case is not about the restroom issue. This case is about access to businesses. This is about securing the rights of a harmless, discriminated-against minority to walk into a business with the same rights as anyone else. If Anderson is allowed to discriminate, other bars owners may do this. Then restaurants may ban us. Then clothing stores may stop us at the door. Next, it will be our employers.
Erica Kay, Phoenix

Tranny therapy: Transgenders have no therapeutic support. Are they in therapy? Probably not. Are they prescribed female hormones? Probably not. Are they living life experiences as a woman, living as a woman at all times under supervision of a therapist? Probably not. They are just men with skirts on.

If they want to use the restroom, they must have a therapist's letter that the person is in transition to female and is living life as a woman. They also must be on hormone-replacement therapy.

Nothing says you have to allow males wearing feminine attire to use restrooms. Someone in transition to female, a transsexual, sheds a different light on this issue, but those who claim transgender have no foundation for their claims — nor does the ACLU.

I paid thousands of dollars on therapy, and thousands of dollars for my hormone-replacement treatment, and I live and work as female. I dress as female day and night. This is called lifetime experience, and it's a requirement for sexual-reassignment surgery.

And it should be a requirement to use the ladies' restroom.

Let these who claim transgender pay what I paid for my transition to female. Otherwise, they are nothing more than males who don feminine clothing for sport.
Phyllis Austin, Metairie, Louisiana


Have you ridden the bus, Robby?: I am writing in regard to the insane yet insulting letter from Robby Katz ("Bus Folly," August 16) about the article "Taken For A (Bus) Ride" (Sarah Fenske, August 9).

First of all, Katz must not read very well because the article clearly stated that there were no other contractors contacted to give quotes.

Secondly, he asked why doesn't New Times donate $3,200 to the mayor? That question and the statement that followed didn't even make sense. Is Katz on meth or what? I truly hope that most Phoenix voters are not as inept as he is.

And lastly, does he ride the bus or know anyone who does? Well, I have and know others who do. The bus system here is a joke. Buses are filthy, with small and cramped seats, and are never on time. There aren't enough routes, and in the Mesa-Tempe area, there isn't even a Sunday service.

I think the no-brainers in this issue are Mayor Phil Gordon, the Phoenix City Council and, of course, Robby Katz.
Jean Sipes, Mesa

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melanie rowan
melanie rowan

Hello,I watched the news last night and saw that the Chandler Officer was arrested for the death of the K-9. Does Sheriff Joe really think the man woke up that day and said Gee, I think I will kill my dog today. In today's society, we are rushed, stressed, pulled in many different directions.IS this tragic, most certainly. When a child drowns are we going to arrest the parents? Joe, have you ever made a mistake or are you perfect? SHAME ON you . The officer is a police officer not a robot. NO ONE IS PERFECT NOT EVEN THE SHERIFF. Why don't you go to Rabies Animal control(either location) go to the back where they process the animals and watch how they handle them. I have always voted for the sheriff even though sometimes he steps over the line. Please extend my apologies to this officer and his family. I am a resident of Chandler and appreciate his hard work, dedication and putting his life on the line. COME ON people? death threats over the K-9 death? It was an accident . ANy of you get forgetful or busy and do something careless? thanks, Melaniet

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