^Up With People

Really cool, non-loser people, that is

If you’re perpetually single because you’re too terrified and cowardly to take emotional risks, the toughest part has to be the inevitable dry spell. Could be something with the moon, undesirable pheromones, or those five pounds you gained but, lately, the chicks just aren’t digging your shit. The situation can get desperate. After all, what’s a Saturday night if you don’t have the opportunity to get it up? We know of a sure-fire way to make it happen that doesn’t involve having to slow down your car at a ghetto street corner. Check out Homme’s ^Up Saturday with DJs Joe Bear, Jynx, Shane Silkey, Pablo Gomez, and Justin McBee, who spin their fine mix of techno, minimal, and electronica every week.
Saturdays, 9 p.m., 2007
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