No, I cannot fault Sheriff Joe Arpaio on this score. Yeah, he's done some outrageous and highly questionable things during his tenure, but I'm with him on this one. I can only hope that other law-enforcement agencies in the U.S. follow his lead, because illegal immigration is everyone's problem today.
Tom Hamlyn (Phoenix native), Kiev, Ukraine


One of the dangerous ones: I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I also believe that our government could've and should've done more to try to stop 9/11. That being said, your reader Eric Dearing is one of the dangerous ones out there ("He's not a sheep," Letters, August 30) — not the others the original story was about ("The Yoda of 9/11," Stephen Lemons, August 9).

The reason for this is that he's so out there that it's ridiculous. While I believe most conspiracy theorists are idiots and off the deep end, they really are harmless. The opposite can be said for Dearing and others of his limited vision. The notion that the government had to kill almost 3,000 citizens of many countries and destroy two landmarks in the world financial market is absolutely brain-dead. Anyone who believes this as a possibility is equally brain-dead.

I do believe our government's behavior was inept, bordering on criminal, but to actually suggest any American president or other elected official was involved in the plot to take down the towers, or that any of the sights and scenes of that day were not real, is bordering on complete stupidity, if not insanity.

Also, just a note on the idiot who thinks it's OK to smoke marijuana ("Hazy hyperbole," Letters, August 30): It's apparent that he's smoked just a little too much. I have friends who've done so for years, and their lives have been irreversibly hindered, if not ruined, because of their addiction to this "benign" drug. Also try to remember that the law says people can't use marijuana without a prescription. If you feel marijuana should be legal, move to Amsterdam.

Lastly, if you are here illegally, you have no right to say anything or to be heard. As one of my favorite comedians says (coincidentally, he's Carlos Mencia, a Hispanic): "Get the fuck out!"

I would bet that idiot Elias Bermudez would be up in arms if the shoe were on the other foot. It's morons like him who make the problem of illegal immigration more difficult. Many of us believe that the border should be more secure for reasons other than Mexicans crossing it, though that's illegal. I'm not sure I agree with the present laws, but as long as they are the present laws, obey them.
Jeff Bennett, Phoenix

Two words for conspiracy theorists: I read "The Yoda of 9/11" article and got your e-mail address from a Loose Change forum. It was listed so that people could e-mail you to let you know they think you're foolish. But I say it was a great article and keep up the good work.

To anyone who thinks there was a government conspiracy to kill thousands, I have but two words: Tim McVeigh.
Kevin Brady, Phoenix


Who made this dillweed an expert?: Arpaio, Gordon, Childress, Goddard. Gee, I wonder why none of them returns New Times reporters' phone calls.

Elected officials and notorious private citizens merit the attention of the public and ridicule when ridiculous. No question. But wingnut, wackjob, dillweed? This is not journalism. This is the most childish playground trash talk — and not even entertaining after the bazillionth time.

Find something to investigate and report on that. °Ask a Mexican! and Savage Love have consistent themes, and they deal with a variety of issues in limited space. Please don't waste any more trees, ink, or time writing what regularly appears in The Bird.
Robert Weiss, Tempe


Keep giving it to us, Robrt: First allow me to say that I've followed Robrt Pela's reviews since they first appeared in New Times and have always found them honest and accurate but, most of all, entertaining.

I've been designing professionally for 39 years around the country and for some years in Arizona. His opinions of my work (and my colleague's) have always been fair, if necessarily brief. I feel the rules of criticism are to review the work (rather than repeat the plot of a play) and make it entertaining on the way.

He follows the first rule and is an absolute master of the second!

In spite of (or perhaps because of) the fact theater is my livelihood, I find myself rolling in paroxysms of laughter with each of his wonderfully accurate and always side-splitting reviews. And, yes, Pela does write many good ones.

But as a colleague said long ago: "Well, if you can't believe the bad reviews how can you believe the good ones?" Robrt, keep giving it to us all!
Jeff Thomson, Tempe

We always have time to sneer, Gerry: I'm a playwright who has tried for years to get my plays done by Phoenix theater companies. Critics like Robrt Pela, Chris Curcio, Paul Braun, Chris McPherson, and Kyle Lawson have given new plays such slashing reviews that no theater companies want to do them.

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The Illegal Virginia is gone and there will be no exceptions...

Since the story is off the front page the story has faded andbecome irrelevant.

Illegals need to go back to Mexico and protest the social andpolitical conditions there. No U.S. law will ever change it...

Illegals are bad for the country...

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